Did you know that using the same old shower head could mean you’re losing out on a lot of beneficial features? Today’s showerheads can help the environment, offer a more peaceful shower experience, or use smart technology to enhance your showers.

You do not have to spend an arm and a leg if you desire a comfy and efficient shower. Here are 3 methods modern showerheads could enhance your shower.

  1. More Glamorous Shower
  2. More Water Effectiveness
  3. Smart Water Usage

1. More Glamorous Shower

You may be under the impression that you require a huge shower for a glamorous shower. Or a shower with day spa jets in it. With some contemporary showerheads, that’s not the case; you can simply unscrew your old showerhead and put on a new one for a quickly more peaceful shower.

A few of these high-end showerheads are developed with several modes to supply gentle or strong circulations. This means it can be based on what you require that day. Others are created to make your shower more elegant by simply supplying a bigger showerhead. Or terrific coverage to assist you to feel cleaner and warmer, improving relaxation capacity.

Showerhead innovations can even result in entirely distinct shower experiences. For example, having the water hit you at two different points at the same time from the same showerhead. Similarly, you can pick a showerhead that has an adjustable flow rate. Or one that detaches from the wall, in case you want a handheld shower experience.

2. More Water Effectiveness

Looking for eco-friendliness? You’ll be pleased to hear that several companies have actually created super-low-flow showerheads. These showerheads still offer just as much coverage and pressure as a normal shower. Sometimes, switching from an older head to one of these could drop your water use significantly.

A normal showerhead will use around 12 litres per minute. The old standards for showerheads were less stringent, so an older showerhead might use even more. Therefore, you can select an incredibly low-flow showerhead that utilises only 2 litres per minute. Thus, you could be saving 90 litres over the period of a ten-minute shower.

If you take a ten-minute shower every day, this ultra-low-flow shower head could conserve you 7,300 gallons annually. Which’s just for you personally. The savings might be increased if you have more individuals in your home. This is a terrific method to minimize your influence on the environment by minimizing your usage of tidy water.

3. Smart Shower Heads

Like seemingly everything else in your home, showerheads can now be found in the “smart” category. This term can mean that the shower head has additional functions such as a Bluetooth speaker and water temperature level indications.

The most innovative type of clever shower system has actually connected electronics that interact with your mobile gadget. It can keep track of how warm you like your shower, how much water you normally use, and more. This enables it to immediately personalize your shower based on what you like, offering a perfectly luxurious experience.

This kind of technology can likewise help you take a more environment-friendly shower. In theory, you can set the system to time your showers. You can inform it when you need more water for washing. Finally, you could tell it when you do not need that much because you’re busy lathering up your hair. This can supply a completely personalized shower that also assists the environment.

In conclusion, these 3 kinds of shower systems might all assist change your shower from a routine part of your day to something more special. Whether you’re aiming to set up a complete day spa experience or just pick the ideal shower head for your shower, The Brisbane Plumbers can help. Contact us today for more information about our general plumbing services.