Any plumber in Brisbane knows there is more to plumbing than repairing taps and drains. But a great plumber has a few great plumbing facts. A Brisbane plumbers deals in all sorts of services: leaking pipes, blockages, gas install and repair, hot water system install and repair, leaky roof repairs, and so much more. Although plumbing may seem like a simple trade to many, it does have some interesting historical facts. Not even experienced Brisbane plumbers may know all these plumbing facts. 

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The origins of the flushing toilet:

The earliest form of flushing toilet found, so far, is 1500 B.C. It’s long before the time of the Brisbane plumber. It was found on the island of Crete, Greece, in the palace of King Minus. It was a far shot from the flushing toilets we have today. These ancient loos were a hole in the ground, over the sewer system. Water was used to flush people’s waste into the sewers. I’m sure Brisbane plumbers would be relieved not to have to deal with these unhygienic solutions. 

The irony of the first modern flushing toilet:

As for what we now know as a toilet, the first modern flushing toilet was invented in 1596. More than 200 years before Australia was even colonised, so still no Brisbane plumbers. The man who invented the original modern flushing toilet was John Harrington, which is why some people refer to the toilet as the “John.” Ironically still, the man who marketed the original flushing toilet was Thomas Crapper. 

The evolution of pipes:

Pipes date back long before any Brisbane plumber, but they’ve experienced a strange evolution. In Ancient Egypt, they had copper piping for their plumbing. Meanwhile, the Ancient Romans generally used lead for their pipes. The Latin word for Plumber is “plumbum” meaning “lead.” In contrast, again, pipes in the 16th century were mostly wooden. If we still used wooden pipes, a Brisbane plumber would also be a lumberjack. 

Water Wastage Plumbing Facts:

A Brisbane plumber may not be an expert on history, but we do see water wastage every day. Did you know, a tap that drips once every two minutes can waste as much as 261 litres of water a year? If it drips once every two seconds, that number becomes 3940 litres. It’s so easy to waste water out of your taps. Any Brisbane plumber will tell you no to overlook a dripping tap. 

Need help with your modern plumbing fixtures?

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