When things go incorrect you might reach for your own plumbing tools if you’re a bit helpful around the home. Aside from the emergency plumbing problems that often demand a high level of know-how and specialised pipes tools, some minor problems such as leaking pipes, blocked toilets, or blocked sinks usually take place from time to time.

While we always recommend contacting a plumbing professional, you may need these tools handy to minimise the damage or temporarily stop the problem.

What Are The Plumbing Tools You Must Have?

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1. Adjustable Wrench

Wrench Plumbing Tools

This is one of the most common tools inside every plumber’s toolbox. Endeavour to have an adjustable wrench at hand if you have to deal with pipes elements having hexagonal-shaped nuts. The tool will come in handy for supply lines and compression fittings. You will recognise a quality adjustable wrench by its company jaw setting, which will never slip throughout the operation. For your tool kit, you can get six-inch and 10-inch adjustable wrenches. This tool is also handy for any around the house fixes and isn’t just a plumbing tools.

Stanley 150mm Adjustable Wrench

2. Tongue-and-groove Pliers


This is a variant of a slip-joint plier with serrated jaws. These jaws are positioned at angles 45 to 60 degrees from the grip. It has a curved structure. A tongue-and-groove plier is a versatile tool that is used to twist, loosen, tighten, pull, or hold parts. Again this tool is universal and is used to grip anything that needs maintenance.

Channellock 305mm Tongue And Groove Straight Jaw Pliers

3. Thread Seal Tape


It is useful for the avoidance of leakages where pipelines are linked. It can be utilised for a number of plumbing tasks such as showerheads, water line connections, amongst others.

Kinetic 12mm x 10m White Standard Thread Seal

4. Toilet plungers


Every home with a pipes system requires a plunger. And if you want to get a good plunger, get a flange and cup plunger. With the flange, you can unclog your toilets while the cup plungers will assist you in unblocking your showers, sinks, and tubs.

EnduraSeal Toilet Plunger With Holder

Be Prepared With These Must Have Plumbing Tools!

In Australia, minor pipe problems such as clogged drains and dripping pipes regularly occur in the majority of homes. Nevertheless, by having a tool kit loaded with necessary plumbing tools, you will be ready to deal with any small pipes concerns that might develop unprecedentedly.

We understand that often you may not feel confident sufficient to manage your plumbing problems. If you ever find yourself in such a position, do not risk your safety or intensify your plumbing issue. Always get in touch with the best plumber close by and Brisbane Plumbers are always close by.

In fact, Brisbane Plumbers are available after hours and for emergency issues.