The health emergency that is COVID-19 has made keeping effective plumbing that much more important. To minimise the spread and the need for a Brisbane plumber emergency visit, maintaining your plumbing is vital. The importance of effective Brisbane plumbing for health is often ignored. 

Poor Brisbane plumbing and lack of clean water made outbreaks such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid, and other water-borne diseases more common, resulting in millions of deaths. Such issues should no longer be a problem with technological advancements and better practices. Without adhering to good hygiene practices, however, you may be at higher risk of getting sick. 

To avoid health issues arising due to bad plumbing here are the 4 common ways plumbing can affect your health from a qualified Brisbane plumber

1.  Mould from unfixed leaks affects health

Mould will grow in areas that have leaky water, flooding, high humidity, and condensation. When these conditions are met you will notice mould growing in the area surrounding this leak. Common areas where a Brisbane plumber sees mould grow include around the roof, basement, bathroom, kitchen, gutter. Mould on its own can cause health problems from a runny nose to a serious asthma attack.

Ensuring your Brisbane plumbing is free from leaks and not causing flooding is essential for your health. If mould is thriving in your home, call a Brisbane plumber to get your pipes checked.

If Your Main Drain Is Blocked Can Cause Brown Running Water Affecting Your Health

2.  High water acidity

What are your plumbing fixtures made of? If the answer is copper, lead or zinc; acidic water (water with a low ph) may lead to corrosion. Acidic water is also a common cause of stained laundry, metallic tasting drinking water and blue-green stains that may appear in your bathtub, sink or drain. 

Corrosion of your pipes, fixtures, lines and taps are not something you want to see. It may cause you to need to call a Brisbane plumber. There are also various health issues associated with acidic water. Common health issues cause by acidic water include kidney damage, gastrointestinal disorders and type-1 diabetes. 

If your water has a low ph, make sure to get a Brisbane plumber to check for any damage and offer a solution for neutralising the ph of your water.

3.  Cross-contamination

The wastewater inside your house can contaminate the clean water through backpressure and back-siphoning. This is commonly seen by a Brisbane plumber.

Backpressure is caused when contaminated water is forced into your clean water supply. This occurs when there is greater downstream pressure than the supply pressure.

A drop in water pressure may also cause other cross-connection issues that lead to contamination. When there is less water accessible due to your water main breaking or a fire hydrant being in use, the water pressure will in turn drop. This creates a vacuum which can suck different contaminants into your clean water supply. If your water main has broken this is an urgent job. Make sure to call a Brisbane plumber straight away.

With modern technology, cross-connection is no longer commonly seen by a Brisbane plumber. With older sinks and tubs, however, it is still possible for contamination to occur. This contaminated water will come from your toilets, garden hose and swimming pool to contaminate your dishwasher, washing machine and bidets. 1

There are many causes of back-siphonage seen by a Brisbane plumber. This will also lead to cross-connection. Some common causes of back-siphonage include:

To prevent these common issues seen by a Brisbane plumber, ensure you only higher a qualified Brisbane plumber.

4.  Lead pipes

Are your pipes made of lead? If so you are not alone as it was a common material used for plumbing. As a Brisbane plumber, however, we know that lead has recently been found to have toxic properties. Ask your local Brisbane plumber to check your pipes, fittings and fixtures to make sure that your pipes are not lead or if they are; that this lead is not seeping into your water supply.

Fix Your Plumbing Issues & Health Safety With The Brisbane Plumbers

If you are currently experiencing plumbing issues in Brisbane, you should consider getting licensed plumbing professionals. Seeking the help of a licensed Brisbane plumber will lessen the possibility of damage, and will lower the chance of future problems. In addition, they will be able to fix your plumbing problem with safety in mind.

General plumbing problems are all in a day’s work for a Brisbane plumber.  Fixing leaks, replacing pipes and cross-connections issues are some of the most common things we do. If you have any problems or concerns about your plumbing system, call The Brisbane Plumbers today. We are Brisbane’s leading emergency plumbers. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, any day of the year. We also have a 60 minutes response time guarantee. Call now on 0450 932 850.