Is your roof leaking? What you need to do.

A leaking roof will get progressively worse, so it is importantthat you get a Brisbane plumber in early to address the issue. Generally, by the time you notice a leak it has already damaged several layers of roofing material. Your home’s structural integrity depends on your roof’s ability to keep water and other elements at bay. If you wait too long your house’s structural integrity may be damaged, making a potentially simple Brisbane plumbing job into an emergency.

So here are 5 steps that you should follow when you spot a leak in your roof.

Turn off the power supply

Step number 1, before calling a Brisbane plumber you need to remove the immediate dangers. An electrical fire meets this criterion and as such needs to be addressed straight away. To do this turn off the power supply to the affected room and unplug any appliances near the leak.

Stop the water damage

Step number 2 can also be completed before calling a Brisbane plumber. Firstly you need to move your personal items away from the leak. Start with the objects that are highly susceptible to water such as:

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Small items

Large items

Larger items that are difficult to move should be covered with plastic sheets.

Any items that are already wet should be gathered and placed in a well-ventilated room. To speed this process up a Brisbane plumber would recommend using fans and or heaters. Once you have moved your items away from the leak you can focus on containing the leak. To contain the leak you don’t need a Brisbane plumber, simply place a large container underneath it.

We Brisbane plumber recommend using a container large enough that you don’t have to repeatedly empty it, distracting you from other steps. Some of the best items to contain the water include large Tupperware, paint buckets, mop buckets, garbage and recycling bins.

If you find the dripping sound distracting, a Brisbane plumber would recommend placing a piece of wood inside the container to limit the noise. Alternatively, you can use an old t-shirt or rag to the same effect.

Assess the water damage

Even if you are not a Brisbane plumber you have probably noticed bulging, ripping, and discolouration in your ceiling. You can use the speed at which this damage grows to assess the damage caused and the location of water pockets. Water naturally pools up into pockets in your ceiling, which may result in these pockets being torn off in chunks. If you pay attention to these pockets you will notice some are larger. A Brisbane plumber would recommend piercing a small hole into these pockets with a needle to ease the pressure off your ceiling. Don’t worry about smaller pockets as they can be addressed by a Brisbane plumber upon arrival.

Contact a Brisbane plumber

If you have a leak in your roof it is a dangerous and serious job that we would recommend getting a qualified Brisbane plumber for. As a Brisbane plumber, we not only have the necessary training and licensing but we are also insured against the significant risk posed by these jobs.

Our experience as a Brisbane plumber also comes in handy when fixing roof leaks. Both detecting and fixing the roof leak is not as straightforward as they seem, meaning they may not be entirely fixed if you don’t use a qualified Brisbane plumber. There are many common causes of leaks such as a damaged shingle, a faulty appliance, or a plumbing issue. You need a professional Brisbane plumber eye to identify the source accurately.

In addition to experience, qualification and insurance, our equipment as a Brisbane plumber is vital in these situations. Fixing a leak may require replacing shingles or stripping down small sections of your ceiling which you need high-end equipment for.

Practice proactive roof maintenance

Once your roof leak has been fixed by a qualified Brisbane plumber, you should take precautions to stop another leak from occurring. This will require proactive maintenance from your Brisbane plumber. Talk to your Brisbane plumber about scheduling regular roof inspections so they can pick out potential problems and inefficiencies before they become another expense.

Is your roof leaking?

Roof leaks are a common problem seen by The Brisbane Plumbers. As this problem should be addressed straight away you may want to utilise our emergency plumbing service. If you have any problems or concerns about your roof leak, contact The Brisbane Plumbers. We are Brisbane’s leading emergency plumbers. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, any day of the year. We also have a 60 minutes response time guarantee. Call now on 0450 932 850.