Proper plumbing and drainage is a must for any building, but do you know what the most common drainage issues encountered by a Brisbane plumber are? Without proper maintenance by a quality Brisbane plumber, drainage issues can interrupt the flow of home and business life. If water is stuck with nowhere to drain, it can build up with bacteria and horrible odours. Keeping your drains well maintained by a Brisbane plumber will help you avoid health problems or worse issues.

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What does a Brisbane Plumber say are common causes of drainage issues:

In a Brisbane plumber’s experience, there are serval ways water drainage can be disturbed:

A Brisbane plumber says regular drain cleaning solutions often work, but when they don’t, check for these problems:

Brisbane Plumber Drainage Issue 1: Cheap or dodgy installation

The first problem that a Brisbane plumber often sees is poor quality installation. Whether it’s a DIY job or an unreliable tradesperson, cheap plumbing jobs can lead to expensive drain blockages. To avoid this, always leave installations to a qualified Brisbane plumber.

Brisbane Plumber Drainage Issue 2: Mineral Build Up

Is your water only trickling out of the tap? Hard water is full of minerals which build into sediment inside the pipes, and eventually causes blockages. To avoid sediment build up, a Brisbane plumber recommends cleaning any removable parts of the waterline, such as show heads, and cleaning them regularly. An overnight soak in vinegar will remove the build-up. 

Brisbane Plumber Drainage Issue 3: Plant matter and roots

Another issue encountered by a Brisbane plumber is outdoor drains getting clogged by plant refuse that builds up over time. When fallen leaves and branches fall on the ground, and it rains, they flow into your drains. This builds up over time and obstructs the flow of water. Also, tree roots often grow into drains and pipes looking for water. To avoid plant matter blocking the flow of water, a Brisbane plumber recommends keeping your lawn clean of debris and leaves, prune trees regularly, and avoid planting trees near pipes.

Brisbane Plumber Drainage Issue 4: Heavy Rain

Drainage systems can only handle so much water at a time, so heavy rain can quickly overwhelm your drains and gutters. A Brisbane plumber does not expect you to control the weather, but you can prepare for the rainy season. Before rain prone times of the year, make sure your gutters are clear of any leaves, dirt and other refuse. 

Brisbane Plumber Drainage Issue 5: Damaged Pipes

Pipes can be damaged for several reasons, such roots or general wear. Damaged pipes are more prone to blockages. To fix this, a Brisbane plumber recommends searching for any visual signs of leaks: such as water stains, mould, or warping of walls.

Brisbane Plumber Drain Issue 6: Grease

A common mistake households make is pouring used cooking oil down the sink. The trouble is, when oil cools it becomes solid and builds up in the pipes. Eventually, no water will make it through. To prevent this, a Brisbane plumber will tell you to pour used oil into a disposable container, let is solidity in the fridge, and throw it in the garbage. 

Brisbane Plumber Drain Issue 7: Non-flushable

Whether it’s sanitary items, wet wipes, food, or something your kids threw down the sink, certain items will cause blockages in your drains. To avoid drain blockages, a Brisbane plumber advises disposing of items in their intended way. You can read more about what you can and can’t flush on one of our other blogs

Having drainage issues?

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