An emergency plumbing situation is the last thing you want to happen in your home, especially since many people now choose to work from home and use their home as an office. According to The Brisbane Plumbers, the easiest method to cope with a plumbing problem is to avoid it entirely. But how do you go about doing so? Fortunately, it’s actually fairly simple if you follow these eight preventative plumbing steps!

1 Know Your Mains Shut-Off Location

In the unfortunate case of a plumbing emergency, knowing where your main shut-off valve is located is critical. It not only makes the task of your emergency plumber easier, but it may also help you avoid harm!

Consider a leaky (or worse, busted) pipe; in these instances, leaving the water on might result in floods and water damage. Fortunately, you may take control of the situation and limit the damage by cutting off the water supply to your home at the shut-off valve.

That is why you must be aware of the location and operation of the shut-off valve for preventative plumbing.

2 Know Your Plumbing

Pipes deteriorate with age and are prone to failure. Make sure you understand not just where your pipes are situated, but also when they were put and how old they are.

Okay, so this isn’t exactly a “maintenance tip”, but doing so will save you money on a costly repair or replacement. Keep an eye on the condition of the pipes and the connections. And if something goes wrong, there are lots of plumbing band-aids available to help you extend the life of your plumbing even longer.

Of course, if you want a long-term solution, The Brisbane Plumbers are the experts to contact!

3 Keep Your Drains Clear

Whatever you do, certain things will inevitably slide through the gaps over time. Fortunately, most of these are simple to fix on your own; all you need is a trip to your local hardware shop.

You have the following options:

Giving your drains some much-needed attention and a thorough cleaning doesn’t harm, and it may also prevent you from a variety of plumbing difficulties later on!

4 Look For Leaks

Never overlook a leak, no matter how minor you believe it is. Sure, it’s minor now, but give it time and it might evolve into a plumbing disaster. It pays to be aware. 

Inspect problematic places that may reveal indicators of a leak, such as:

If you have a leak, you should contact a Bayside plumber as soon as possible.

This can help you avoid a variety of problems such as mould, water damage, and even worse if not addressed soon.

5 Be Careful What You Flush

Did you know that wet wipes, paper towels, and other household things that aren’t supposed to be flushed are the top cause of clogged drains and toilet bowls?

Only two items should ever be flushed down the toilet:

And the list is considerably shorter for sinks. Water should be the only item that goes down them! Anything else should be discarded immediately. It’s a little habit to break. However, by doing so, you virtually totally eliminate the possibility of a clogged drain or toilet!

6 Strain Your Kitchen & Bathroom Sinks

So, the only thing going down your drains should be water. But how can you prevent anything else, such as hair and food bits, from getting in? The remedy is inexpensive and simple!

Drain screens are a low-cost and efficient technique to filter your sink and keep anything other than water from going down your drains. This easy approach will eventually avoid many blockages in your system, saving you the hassle of having to hire an emergency plumber to solve them!

7 Look Outside

You take care of your inside plumbing, but what about the outside? We’re discussing stuff like:

We want to focus on your downpipes, gutters, and roof plumbing in particular. While you may not think of them as “plumbing,” they perform an important function in home security.

8 Get Regular Plumbing Inspections

It’s a simple task but it can go a long way to making sure your home is safe from future plumbing emergencies. Be sure to schedule a regular inspection with The Brisbane Plumbers.

But if you happen to find yourself in an emergency, don’t fear. The Brisbane Plumbers are available anytime to help you with your plumbing needs. Trained professionals in all facets of plumbing, The Brisbane Plumbers are here to help.