Buying a home can be both very exciting and stressful at the same time. A Brisbane plumber knows the whirlwind of emotions can make it tricky to check that the plumbing is intact when shopping around. It’s a wise decision to thoroughly check the property for any problems before purchasing. However, most homebuyers don’t know what plumbing issues may be hiding in a potential home. So, here’s a Brisbane plumber’s list of things to look out for. 

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1 – Check The Water Quality

A good thing to check, if the water is turned on, is the quality and flow of the water. When inspecting a property, a Brisbane plumber recommends running the water on full for a few seconds. While the water is running, look out for the colour, the odour, and the flow of the water. Any Brisbane plumber will tell you that unclear water, smelly water or pipes, and poorly flowing water can indicate a range of problems; from pipe damage to severe property damage. If you see any of these issues, make sure you raise it with the seller or a building inspector when you have a professional inspection.

2 – Keep an ear out for noises

When testing any of the plumbing fixtures around the house, listen out for any strange noises. Are there any bubbling, clanking, banging, or whooshing noises? A Brisbane plumber is used to hearing all sorts of strange noises from malfunctioning plumbing systems. Much like the last tip, strange noises can indicate several plumbing issues from minor to major. So, if you have concerns, get in touch with a Brisbane plumber or a qualified building inspector.

3 – Look out for signs of leaks

Signs of leakage are essential to check on a home plumbing checklist. Look under all the sinks, around the toilets and tubs, and of course the shower. If you see dampness, wet spots, discoloured or warped material, or mould, A Brisbane plumber will tell you there is likely leakages or water damage. 

4 – Check for wobbly toilets

Some plumbing issues are hard to spot because you can’t visually observe them. For example, a wobbly toilet. Without sitting on it, which you’re unlikely to during a house inspection, you wouldn’t know the toilet is wobbly. Wobbly toilets can indicate water leaks and broken seals. To check the toilet, a Brisbane plumber will recommend checking if the floor is soft around the toilet. Soft flooring suggests the toilet is leaking from the bottom. Alternatively, a Brisbane plumber would suggest nudging the toilet to see if it’s stable. 

5 – Check for puddles outside

Even the back and front yards can be a good indicator of the state of the property’s plumbing. If there are water puddles, with no sign of rain or sprinklers, a Brisbane plumber will tell you it could be a sign of a leaking pipe underground. A Brisbane plumber will also recommend looking out for any patches of grass growing faster and taller than the rest. This can be leaking pipes or sewerage causing the grass to grow faster.

Bought a home with plumbing issues?

Just because you’ve read this blog, doesn’t mean you haven’t already bought a home with some of these concerns. If your home has any plumbing issues or concerns, call The Brisbane Plumber. We can help you with any general or emergency plumbing, any time of the day or night. Plus, we offer upfront pricing, so you know what you’re paying. To get your home’s plumbing and gas in tip-top shape, call The Brisbane Plumbers on 0450 932 850 now.