The main water line is, in a sense, the most vital part of any house’s plumbing. Issues with the water main will frequently affect every other faucet and component in the house, and may even trigger issues that you wouldn’t anticipate like low water pressure. While it always takes an evaluation from a certified plumber to identify the health of the water main with certainty, there are a few symptoms you can look out for that typically point to water pipe problems.

1. Low Water Pressure

The water pressure that you experience in your house is straight associated with the pressure level in your main water line. This restricts the amount of water that is available to the rest of your plumbing system if there is a leak or blockage in the water main. In this case, low water pressure will likely be worse on higher floors in your home, as they are further from the water main.

Before you begin to suspect a problem with your water pipe, you must first figure out whether there are water pressure issues throughout your whole home. If there is just low pressure in one location of your home, there could be a clog in just the water lines that result in that faucet or component. The next thing to inspect is whether your primary shutoff valve is open totally.

2. Unclean or Discolored Water

Have you ever switched on a faucet only to discover that your faucet water appears brown or rusty, or that small flakes are drifting in it? This is frequently the outcome of your water picking up particles of corrosion as it streams through your plumbing. Your water pipe goes through rust and sediment buildup with time, similar to any other pipeline in addition to your water heater.

In addition to contaminant buildup inside the water pipe, a breach in the line could be allowing contaminants from the surrounding soil to infiltrate your plumbing system. If your water is dirty or discoloured, try running a faucet for an hour approximately to see if it ultimately clears up on its own. It’s time to employ plumbing to identify the source of the contamination if it doesn’t.

3. More Pests

Roaches, mosquitoes, and practically all pests and rodents are drawn to wetness. A water pipe problem can lead to pest problems if left unattended, and these infestations can in some cases appear in places you would not anticipate. However, bugs such as gnats or roaches in your drains pipes are among the most typical indications of a leak in your water main or in other places in your plumbing.

A dripping water main can create wetness accumulation in your backyard or around your home’s foundation that can also draw pests. Watch out for a greater amount of mosquitoes in your yard than typical, particularly around unusual puddles of standing water. Bugs in the basement could be making their way into your home through cracks in your basement walls that have been filled by a water pipe leakage.

4. Rising Water Bill

If your house’s water usage practices do not alter, your water expense must stay reasonably stable for the foreseeable future. Any leak in your plumbing can trigger your costs to sneak up and lower your water pressure, however, a water main leak will frequently launch water at a greater rate than elsewhere. If your energy bill has unexpectedly spiked compared to last month, a primary leak may be to blame.

No house owner wishes to deal with a water main leak, but, on the bright side, single repair work or replacement might eliminate plumbing concerns throughout your whole house. Contact The Brisbane Plumbers today if you think water pipe damage or low water pressure, are having any other issues with your house’s plumbing.