The Brisbane Plumbers have been inundated lately with our current workload due to the flooding around the Brisbane area. Late February saw ¾ of the annual rainfall dump over a period of three days. This caused significant flooding throughout certain areas of Brisbane and its caused havoc with people’s stormwater and sewage systems.

Our Flooding Call Out

The video footage below shows a blown connection on a council sewer connection in a carpark. It flooded an entire lower level with sewage and stormwater. Due to a large amount of rainfall coinciding with a king tide, the sewer systems were inundated with stormwater. This means they could not disperse the water quickly enough.

The connection to the council’s drain was under a lot of pressure due to the amount of water going through. As a result, this particular connection blew off and caused a lot of damage.

There were four cars in the lower level car park that were written off. Additionally, the lower area filled up with about half a metre of sewage and stormwater.

The building maintenance manager worked quickly trying to resolve this issue. They actually used the towbar of a ute to push the pipework back into position by reversing up to it. It was a genius idea, it saved a lot more cars from being written off with damage.

When we arrived on site the ute was in position holding the pipework in place. So we got to work. We used Dynabolts against the wall and ratchet straps to hold the pipework in position. Then we also put a crowbar across the back of the pipework to add support.

After the floods, we returned and installed adequate support on the pipework to prevent this issue from happening again in the future if it was to flood.

How We Can Help

The weekend of the flooding was absolutely insane. We always recommend that preventative measures are put in place to check your stormwater drains. Always ensure that they are operating correctly. Many homes could have been saved in these floods if the stormwater system was in good working order.

Although Brisbane isn’t flooding anymore, The Brisbane plumbers are equipped to handle any plumbing emergency situation.

The Brisbane Plumbers can provide CCTV camera inspections of stormwater drain lines. This is to ensure there are no blockages and make sure there is adequate drainage around the property for groundwater to disperse.

If you have any concerning issues regarding stormwater at your property feel free to touch base with us. Then we can assist with inspecting the stormwater drains at the property.