There’s nothing worse than realising you have no toilet paper, and feeling like you need to get creative. It’s common for people to reach for tissues or baby wipes; however, there are things you may not realise should not be flushed. Toilets clogged by items that shouldn’t be flushed are all too common a problem for a Brisbane plumber. Let’s run through what you can and can’t flush.

3 Things Any Brisbane Plumber Would Hate To See Flushed:

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Tissues may appear the obvious substitute to toilet paper: however, they’re bad for causing clogs. Unlike toilet paper, tissues are more difficult to break down. They’re not designed to easily broken down like toilet paper. So, don’t grab a tissue box when you’re desperate.

Paper Towels

Much like tissues, paper towels may seem like a close choice to toilet paper – albeit a little rough. Unfortunately, these are also not designed to break down easily. If you’ve ever used toilet paper to wipe up a spill, you may have noticed how they fall to pieces. They’re designed to break down. However, paper towels don’t break down so easily.

Baby, Cosmetic and Antibacterial Wipes

These wipes may feel like a great alternative, especially the baby wipes; however, they’re among the largest reasons a Brisbane plumber receives a call. These wipes are made from strong fibres and aren’t designed to break down at all. So, all they do is clog your drain.

What a Brisbane Plumber Would You To Do In An Emergency:

There’s only one thing a Brisbane plumber wants to see flushed: toilet paper. Toilet paper is designed to be flushed and break down easily. If you do run out of toilet paper, and have to use wipes or tissues, get a bin for your bathroom. Many people already accompany toilets with a bin for sanitary products, but if not, grab a bin. It’s a little gross, we admit, but it is an emergency and will save you plumbing costs.

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