As trusted Brisbane plumbing specialists we understand the most common emergency problems and how important it is to stay on top of these problems. 

Firstly, gas doesn’t possess a smell but a harmless chemical known as mercaptan is placed in natural gas for safety reasons. This chemical is known to have a garlic-like odour. If this smell is present in your home The Brisbane Plumbers, State and Federal government recommend that this problem is always dealt with by professionals, due to gases hazardous nature. Please ensure a qualified and licenced Brisbane Gas Fitter is contacted, the room properly ventilated and the suspected source turned off. 

Ensure that all safety precautions are taken before handling Brisbane plumbing issues and a Brisbane plumbing specialist is called before fixing these problems.

Common problems faced by Brisbane Plumbers

Burst Flexible Hose Underneath Basin Cabinet
Burst flexible hose underneath basin cabinet

Recommendations from Brisbane Plumbers

Brisbane Plumbing Recommendations for Leaks

The Brisbane Plumbers recommend that when dealing with leaks, to search around common leak areas for watermarks, water damage, mould, condensation, or warping. These areas, include walls, ceilings, floors, vanities and around the outside of the house. Check for rusted fittings around the water heater or other metal appliances such as taps and drains. 

Once a problem has been identified, ensure that the relevant valve is turned off, for example, the toilet valve controls water flow to the toilet. To confirm a toilet leak a Brisbane plumbing specialist would recommend placing food dye in the cistern and seeing if the dye makes its way around the toilet bowl after half an hour without flushing. 

To stop similar problems from occurring a local plumbing specialist would recommend reading the manual to see how often that appliance should be serviced by a Brisbane plumbing professional. Generally, every 12 months is recommended. 

Brisbane Plumbing Recommendations for Hot Water System

Hot waters systems generally last between 8 and 12 years if properly serviced. Once they get to this age our friendly staff at The Brisbane Plumbers can help you see your options. If you have tank-based water heaters, a tankless water heater may be something you want to consider. They are a compact, affordable, can run off gas or electricity and are generally cheap to repair. In the expensive Brisbane region, this option is ideal if you have little space such as in an apartment or unit. The negatives of this option include an electricity usage of around 20-60W, lack of compatibility with renewable energy sources and the need for a larger wire supply which needs to be installed in some houses. Click here to view our hot water services.

For more information about your specific plumbing problem or to get assistance from a qualified and licensed Brisbane plumbing professional, call us on 0450 932 850. We provide a quality and competitively priced Brisbane Plumbing service. The Brisbane Plumbers specialize in gas and electric tankless water heaters, Brisbane plumbing, unblocking pipes and fixing leaks.