We’ve all experienced a home horror at some point, whether it was a clogged toilet, a gas leak, or coming home to the stench of a clogged sewer (hopefully the worst).

But, when it comes to minor annoyances like a blown light bulb or a dripping faucet, when should you pick up the phone and call your agent for assistance?

Repairs in rental properties are handled differently depending on whether they are urgent or non-urgent. The Residential Tenancies Act in Queensland outlines this, and considers the following to be urgent repairs:

While some situations may be ambiguous, the line is frequently drawn between whether the repair is normal wear and tear and safety risk, with the cause of the damage also considered.

Emergency repairs

Of course, most emergencies happen after hours – late at night, after you get home from work, over the weekend or when you wake up early in the morning. Tenants who require an emergency repair during these hours should arrange for a trained specialist to attend to the repair. 

However, check with your real estate agent or contract before booking. Your real estate may have stipulations that require you to pay for any emergency work.

What to do when you have a non-urgent repair

If you find yourself in need of non-urgent maintenance, it’s easy to notify your agent or landlord to put through a formal request so that this can be fixed. Most real estate agents have recommended plumbers but are open to you selecting your own once you have requested work be completed.

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