Whether you have a blocked sink or a dripping faucet, these must-have plumbing tools can address minor problems without the assistance of a professional.

Whether you’ve just bought your first home or have lived there for years, having a few emergency plumbing gears on hand at all times is essential. Whether you live in a brand-new home or an older property with years of character, chances are you’ll encounter a plumbing problem that necessitates the use of a plunger, auger, putty, or a similar instrument.

These things may help with everything from basic difficulties like blocked drains to major concerns like tiny leaks or pipe splits. They can also buy you some time until you can get a professional plumber to come out and analyse the situation. These plumbing equipment, from the finest pipe wrench to the best drain snake, are fantastic at preventing catastrophic catastrophes and resolving minor blunders.

1. Plunger for the Toilet

You’re going to need a plunger at some time. This toilet plunger’s unique all-angle design makes it one of the best plungers on the market. The plunging end has four levels of flanges and can accommodate toilet drains with diameters ranging from 4 to 6 inches. Its aluminium handle is mould and corrosion resistant, and it even has a handy hole in the handle for hanging it up for quick access in a supply closet or utility room.

2. Plumbing Tape

Thread tape might come in handy when leakage occurs between two threaded pipe junctions. This tape is temperature resistant and may be used on nearly anything, including shower heads, sprinklers, gas heaters, appliances, and pipe and propane connections. Furthermore, it is simple to apply and may be removed years later if necessary.

3. Pipe Cleaner

Drain cleaner is one of the few plumbing appliances that can power through grease, hair, lint, and other deposits to cleanse drains in every room of your house. It has a kink-resistant cable and may be used manually or with a variable-speed drill. Ridgid plumbing equipment is well-known for its high quality and durability, and this auger is no exception.

4. Drain Plunger and Mini Sink

A drain plunger or mini sink plunger includes a 5-inch flat bell cup that may remove small obstructions from a variety of drains. Its tiny size and nonslip handle make it simple to operate, and it only takes a little push to dive.

5. Putty for Plumbers

When pipes acquire minor holes or cracks, plumbers’ equipment such as putty comes in handy. Plumber’s Putty can temporarily seal things until the pipe can be replaced or repaired by a professional. A plumber’s putty is a waterproof substance that may be used to mend minor pinholes or fractures. This will give you some time and avoid excessive leaks until you can get professional assistance.

6. Wrench for Pipes

If you have a leaking pipe, it may need to be tightened before it can be used again. This wrench’s cast-iron body makes it sturdy and powerful enough to tighten even the most difficult pipes. It also includes a steel jaw for a firm grip, making twisting the long handle easier.

7. A Pair of Pliers

You may benefit from having a pair of pliers in your plumbing arsenal whether you own a home or rent an apartment. The pliers contain a self-locking mechanism that prevents sliding and makes it easier to adjust pipes or screws. These versatile tools are capable of gripping, turning, pulling, holding, and screwing hex nuts. It even has a pinch guard to safeguard your delicate appendages.

8. A Bucket

Although it may appear basic, a bucket that carries up to 20L of water might come in helpful if you have a plumbing problem. When it isn’t leaking, it may be utilised to store other tools or equipment in your garage or utility closet. Despite its simplicity, it may be one of the most adaptable and useful things in your home.

9. LED Flashlight Set

A skilled plumber would be hard-pressed not to own a high-quality flashlight. Because most plumbing is buried behind walls, cabinets, or in small, tight locations, having a flashlight handy might help you figure out what’s wrong. With a narrow beam, the battery-powered LED Flashlight Pack can illuminate a whole room. It’s also unbreakable, small enough to fit in your pocket, and resistant to water.

10. Nitrile Gloves

These might not be considered plumbing tools but fixing a plumbing problem may be nasty, which is why having a box of disposable Nitrile Gloves in your tool bag is a smart idea. With almost 70,000 ratings, these gloves are ideal for persons who are allergic to the powder included in other disposable gloves, and they don’t disintegrate as quickly as latex. Single-use gloves can help protect your hands from bacteria and other substances that you may come into contact with.