Energy Saving Hot Water Systems

More and more people are making movements towards sustainable living, and there are several ways your plumbing decisions can be more sustainable. One of which is switching to sustainable hot water solutions. Using solar pumps and heat pumps for hot water systems is a great way to save money and the environment with your plumbing. Most households still use gas or electric hot water systems, but solar pumps and heat pumps are available. But how do these alternatives work? Let’s find out.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot waters systems convert the suns energy into heat for the households hot water supply. Solar hot water systems look much like a regular solar panel, but there’s a horizontal, cylinder water tank on the back. These hot water systems use the suns energy to heat the water inside copper pipes. The water is circulated through the pipes and the storage tank so there’s plenty of hot water for your house. A solar hot water system is a great investment for your home. You’ll save heaps of money on hot water consumption, as you will no longer require electricity for your hot water. Plus, it will greatly reduce your impact on the environment. 

Heat Pump Hot Water Systems

Heat pump hot water systems are like a solar hot water system minus the sun. These hot water systems absorb heat from the air and heats the water using heat exchange. Unlike solar hot water systems, heat pump hot water systems still use electricity. However, they are three times more efficient than your standard electric system. Much like solar, heat pump systems will save you a lot of money, because they will greatly reduce your energy consumption. 

Considering An Alternative Hot Water System?

When considering a new hot water system, it’s hard to know what will work best for your home. There’s a lot of factors to consider. If you’re considering switching to a new hot water system, or you need to install a new hot water system, contact The Brisbane Plumbers today. The Brisbane Plumbers can diagnose, repair and maintain your gas, electric or solar hot water system to get it back up and running at its best. We carry an extensive range of parts which means we can get the job done fast. Call 0450 932 850 to get in contact with The Brisbane Plumbers now. We can give you advice and provide up-front, fixed quotes. 

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