Without hot water systems, life would be all cold showers. Most people probably don’t think twice about maintaining their hot water systems. However, The Brisbane Plumber is here to show you how to maintain your hot water system so you can ensure your system lasts as long as possible. Let’s jump into The Brisbane Plumber’s regular maintenance tips:

5 Everyday Tips for Maintaining Your Hot Water System

The Brisbane Plumbers Hot Water System Tip 1 – Inspect your system regularly

It may sound obvious, but how often do you go out back and check your hot water system? At least once a month, The Brisbane Plumbers recommend visually checking your hot water system. Look for any leaking, dents, rust, or other damage. By checking the system regularly, you may spot problems before they happen and save yourself money. If there is a problem, call a local Brisbane plumber to ensure it’s nothing to worry about. 

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The Brisbane Plumbers Hot Water System Tip 2 – Don’t set the temperature too high

To save money on electricity, and prevent overheating the system, the Brisbane Plumbers suggest lowering the temperature setting of the hot water system. Some hot water systems may default to a higher setting than recommended. The Brisbane Plumbers recommend checking the temperature setting of your hot water system, so it’s not overworked or costing you extra money. 

The Brisbane Plumbers Hot Water System Tip 3 – Turn off the hot water system when you go on holiday

When you go away on holiday, your hot water will continue to produce hot water that no one is going to use – costing you money on electricity and wasting the system’s lifespan. The Brisbane Plumbers advise turning off the hot water system when you go on holiday. It will save you money and extend the longevity of your hot water system. 

The Brisbane Plumbers Hot Water System Tip 4 – Service your hot water system like a car

Just like cars, hot water systems require regular maintenance by a professional. Having a reliable Brisbane plumber maintain your system will allow them to find any issues before they occur, and help keep your system healthy for a long life. Plus, addressing smaller issues early could save you money on a bigger problem.

The Brisbane Plumbers Hot Water System Tip 5 – Take care around your hot water system

Proper housekeeping around your hot water system will stop you from accidentally damaging the system. For example, take care when using garden equipment near the system, try not to bump any pipes, and keep the area around the system clear. The Brisbane Plumbers recommend being cautious when near your system, so you don’t cost yourself money with accidental damage. 

Want To Have Your Hot Water System Check By A Reliable Brisbane Plumber?

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