When it comes to running a house of any shape or size, everybody wants to save cash where they can. It’s not till we face the obligation of owning a home that we realize that wise choices need to be made with money if everything is going to tick over nicely from month to month. Budgeting for expenditures is a lot easier if the numbers in front of us don’t lie. What about the things that we take for granted in our houses? Could there be any invisible costs or things we simply don’t even consider that we could conserve money on? Because the topic here is clearly plumbing, let’s look at water usage in our houses and investigate how we can make some modifications to our current practices so that we can aim to save on our water expenses.

According to SEQWater, this month we’re looking at around 200L per person each day. About 95% of the water that enters our houses goes down the drain and that running the tap while brushing your teeth can waste up to 15 litres of water. A tap that drips two times per minute can lose upwards of 261 litres of water per year.

While these statistics are disturbing, to say the least, picture the savings on your next water invoice if you were to stamp out water wastage at its source. Now, we haven’t gone through the entire home in our examples above. A leaking tap and brushing your teeth make up only a small portion of daily water usage in your house. So, here are 7 ways to save water in your house.

Make your showers much shorter

A quick shower once a day will help you to conserve water over the long term. Some people likewise scrub themselves without the water running and then use it to wash at the end.

Turn off the tap when brushing your teeth & washing your hands

This is one location where water is squandered. Some people run the water for a while when doing things like brushing their teeth, their skincare routine, shaving or even soaping their hands. Avoid letting the tap run while you get started, then run the water at the end to rinse. 

Repair your leakages

Get a great plumbing technician around to your home to get your leakages repaired. It might also be beneficial to have a plumbing technician check your home for any unseen leakages.

Install a rain tank

If you’ve got a green thumb and have a great garden, rain harvesting is a good way to water your plants without turning on your hose or sprinkler.

Avoid half-loads in your dishwasher or laundry

Staying with this type of rule in your home will prevent several full wash cycles on half-loads. Store your laundry until you’re ready for a full load. And for the dishes…

Hand-washing instead of running the dishwasher

Not only will you minimize water here, but the electricity used to run a white goods appliance like a dishwasher is very high as most systems have to heat the water themselves. Using the dishwasher less often can help you get back some cash from water and electricity.

utilise a car wash

While it may seem like you’re saving water by handwashing, carwash businesses have devices that control the circulation of water and they typically recycle their water which is much better for everybody. Carwashes also use pressurised water which means much less usage. This can be more useful than utilizing your own running pipe for extended periods.

From dripping taps to a dripping roof and any kind of plumbing in between, then speak with The Brisbane Plumbers today. We’re here 24/7 and our emergency plumbing makes sure you’re always looked after.