LPG Gas and LPG Gas Fittings – What You Need To Know

Are you moving into a new home? Or do you simply want to learn more about your current LPG set up? This blog was designed to do just that with information from your local Brisbane plumbers.

What is LPG Gas?

LPG stands for ‘liquified petroleum gas’, it consists mainly of propane and is a by-product of processing other fossil fuels. LPG is a flammable gas making it ideal for heating or cooking. LPG is ideal if you don’t want to connect to the mainline and is easily installed by Brisbane plumbers. LPG gas is stored in gas bottles making it easy to handle and ideal for both household and commercial use.

What are LPG Gas Fittings?

To use LPG Gas, Brisbane plumbers will need to connect the gas bottles to your fixture or appliance, this is done through fittings. Common fittings installed by Brisbane plumbers include piping and LPG gas system connectors, as well as gas valves.

Only licenced Brisbane plumbers and other professional are allowed to handle LPG gas systems. This is because LPG gas is dangerous. For any LGP gas work in or around the Brisbane region contact The Brisbane Plumbers. The Brisbane Plumbers are all fully qualified gas fitters. Should you require any gas fitting services, you can have the peace of mind that all our tradespeople are trained in all aspects of LPG and Natural Gas, obeying with State and Federal Laws and Regulations.

Importance of an Experienced LPG Gas Fitter

Gasfitters vary greatly in their experience similar to Brisbane plumbers. Due to the wide variety of gas appliances in the market, getting an experienced gasfitter will save you lots of time and money. Some gasfitters such as The Brisbane Plumbers also offer plumbing services making them an ideal choice as your Brisbane plumbers. When looking for an experienced plumber you should:Man Fixing Kitchen Sink P8647Ra Resized

All qualified LPG gas fitters have a license so if you are not sure if they are qualified just ask. If they do not have a license, they are not allowed to handle gas appliances and your warranty or insurance may be voided. Plumbers in Australia can also provide gas fitting services, gas fitters, however, might not provide plumbing services. If you require both a plumber and a gas fitter, you are better of finding Brisbane plumbers as they can likely do both.

The Brisbane Plumbers

At The Brisbane Plumbers, we adhere to all gas installation, repair and maintenance requirements. As local plumbers, we can arrive quickly in times of emergency. This service is available 24/7 with a professional Brisbane gas fitter on call. If you suspect a gas leak or require any gas appliance to be installed or replaced – never try to tackle the situation by yourself. Gas is a hazardous substance and needs to be dealt with by a licenced Gas Fitter in Brisbane. The Brisbane Plumbers also advise that if you suspect a leak to turn off your gas appliances and ventilate the room while waiting for your Gas Fitting professional to arrive.

Call the Brisbane Plumbers today on 0450 932 850 and take the worry out of any gas emergency or installation.