Plumbers in Brisbane are constantly asked to fix hot water systems. We use water heaters every day, but most don’t know what to do when something goes wrong. It’s very flustering and frustrating not to have hot water, which worsens the situation. We are glad to see people calling plumbers in Brisbane when something goes wrong, but you could save yourself some money by knowing a few common ways to fix your hot water system. So, we’ve compiled a list of potential problems and how to solve them.

Plumbers in Brisbane common water heater fix 1: No hot water is coming out.

A prevalent problem with hot water systems is no hot water coming out. When you’re not receiving any hot water, the first thing to do is check if it’s just hot water. If you’re not receiving any water (hot or cold), the mains water may have been shut off. To check, you need to find the mains water valve, which is usually at the front of the house. If only the hot water isn’t working, check that the isolation valve (generally a red or yellow handle) is switched on. 

For electric hot water systems, plumbers in Brisbane suggest checking a few more things:

Plumbers in Brisbane common water heater fix 2: The hot water system is leaking.

Another concern people often have is water leaking from their hot water system. Some dripping from the temperature relief valve is normal; however, if you feel it is dropping an abnormal amount, there may be a bigger problem. To see if it is dripping too much, put a bucket below the relief valve for 24 hours and see what happens. If the bucket is overflowing, please contact professional plumbers in Brisbane. Also, if water is leaking from the sides, top, or bottom of the tank, not the valve, there is likely a bigger problem. In either of these situations, you should turn off the water going to the tank to prevent wastage and contact a professional. 

Plumbers in Brisbane common water heater fix 3: The water isn’t hot enough.

The final problem we’ll talk about today is hot water that isn’t hot enough. To increase your hot water system’s temperature, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to raise the temperature. Plumbers in Brisbane find each hot water system has a different method, but they should all allow you to adjust the temperature. Once you have changed the settings, allow at least an hour to adjust (test with caution to prevent burning). If you still can’t get the water hot enough, you may need to contact plumbers in Brisbane.

Still can’t find the problem?

Several things can cause a hot water system to stop working, but these are a few that could save you from calling a plumber. However, if you still can’t find the problem, call The Brisbane Plumbers now on 0450 932 850. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for general and emergency plumbing, and we offer transparent pricing. For reliable plumbers in Brisbane, give us a call now.