You’ve purchased a home! Before the sale of your Brisbane property becomes unconditional, schedule a pest check and a building inspection. But sometimes that isn’t enough. If your building inspection comes back with plumbing concerns it might be a good idea to get a plumbing inspection completed by a plumber to see the extend of the issue.

Ask The Inspector If A Pre-Purchase Inspection By A Plumber Is Required

You tell your tradie friend about your recent home acquisition, and they make you wonder if you’ve done enough to guarantee the property isn’t a lemon. ‘Shouldn’t you also hire a plumber and an electrician to perform a pre-purchase inspection?’

We explain why you should or should not consider these extra pre-buy checks for your new property purchase, as well as why a building inspection is absolutely necessary and a plumbing inspection is a important follow up to consider.

Mandatory Inspections Recommendations

Although a pre-purchase building and pest inspection are not required, it is your right as a potential new owner to know that the property you are purchasing is a smart investment.

A building inspector is a certified specialist with past building experience who knows what to look for while inspecting your new property.

The experience of a building inspector provides them with the knowledge and competence to spot a building problem that may not be evident to the general public. When it comes to electrical and plumbing issues, a visual examination and basic tests, such as turning taps or lights on and off, can help your building inspector detect obvious problems. They are not qualified to do extensive, invasive testing in these disciplines which is where a plumbing inspection comes in.

Building Inspector Plumbing Inspection

If the building inspector advises it, or if the potential homeowner has issues that need to be addressed, you should consider scheduling a plumbing check.

Older properties, for example, may experience more sewage line clogs owing to tree roots. A building inspector cannot do this sort of check unless they identify a problem with siphonage or if water goes slowly down the drains. A plumber equipped with a camera can evaluate the condition of the sewage line and explore the source of the problem.

This sort of examination will inform the new owner of any potential issues that may arise after purchasing the property.

If the tree roots have been removed and the obstruction has been cleared, there is no reason for the property sale to fail, and the seller has done everything necessary to guarantee the plumbing is up to code. However, the buyer must evaluate if they are prepared to endure the future expenditures of repairing the roots when they grow back or rebuilding that piece of sewer to solve the problem entirely.

A plumber will recommend a plumbing examination since many new homeowners are unfamiliar with the sort of inspection performed by the building inspector.

Plumbers are qualified tradespeople who have a keen eye for detail while evaluating a property’s plumbing. If you need someone to examine if a tree root has damaged your pipes, then The Brisbane Plumbers can not only diagnose the problem but help fix it with pipe relining.

What To Expect From A Plumbing Inspection

A plumbing examination will look for odd water changes at the metre, which might indicate the presence of a concealed leak on the property.

They may determine if the existing plumbing complies with current bylaws. The hot water unit will be inspected to verify it has a tempering valve to control the hot water to 50 degrees Celsius.

A plumber will also inspect the down pipes and gutters, as well as the presence of an overflow relief gully (ORG) to ensure that any sewage backup goes outside the residence rather than within.

A plumber will make certain that all grates are installed over drain holes. They will ensure that the hot and cold water lines are properly fitted at each tap.

They will use a thermometer to check the temperature of the hot water unit. They will use a torch to inspect the bottom of floor wastes for the presence of a water seal. A lack of water seal might indicate a sewage line clog.

Everything related to plumbing and drainage on the property will be thoroughly checked to verify that it is in functioning condition and meets plumbing requirements.

Get A Plumbing Inspection for Peace of Mind

A plumbing inspection will soothe your mind. They are, however, an additional expenditure that might add financial strain when you are already pushed to make your new purchase.

An early investment in an inspection, on the other hand, can save you money later on if serious plumbing problems are discovered after you’ve moved into your new house.

If plumbing problems are discovered after the acquisition of a house, it is typically not the fault of the building inspector, but rather a lack of awareness about the sort of examination that was performed. A building inspection on your new Brisbane house is essential, and these extra inspections are offered to provide you with complete piece of mind.