Have you ever considered unclogging a drain yourself without the hassle of needing to call in a plumbing professional? While this may look like a simple alternative, you may not have thought about how possibly hazardous this may be. Or the dreadful repercussions it may trigger.

In a recent case, a plumbing technician was hurt in a dreadful acid explosion. The bottle of sulphuric acid he was using to unclog a drain exploded in his face. This just goes to show the genuine risk of unclogging a drain, even when tried by a certified expert.

Chemicals Required in Unclogging a Drain

The primary threats of unclogging a drain comes from the readily available drain chemicals and their unstable state if not used properly. A number of these unfortunate drain unblocker cleansing accidents stem from the unintentional or incorrect use of harmful chemicals. These chemicals will burn the skin on contact. Chemical (otherwise called caustic) burns are very hazardous as the chemical will continue burning the sensitive skin till cleaned off.

The strong chemicals in drain cleaners are designed to dissolve the grease or build-up causing the drain obstruction. Therefore you can just imagine the dreadful outcome to your skin that a chemical contact would produce. This is why lots of chemical products have a crucial list of warnings. But sadly these often get ignored and lead to accidents.

What To Do If You Have A Blocked Drain

We all know how irritating an obstructed drain can be. But it is crucial to remember to put your and your family’s security.

While it can be easy to check out do-it-yourself unclogging choices such as boiling water or natural drain cleaners, it’s likewise important to consider that an obstruction is typically a symptom of a larger issue such as a potential crack in the pipeline.

If you have an obstructed drain, call a professional.

Thinking Of Unclogging A Drain Yourself? Why Not Just Call An Emergency Plumber?

The Brisbane Plumbers are experts in unclogging a drain pipe and drain cleaning. We utilise the most recent CCTV technology to get to the source of the obstruction rapidly. We can then offer a full report on what we discover to be the issue and recommend the path to take.
Obstructed drain pipes can be more complicated than they appear which is why The Brisbane Plumbers never advise that you use chemical drain cleaners as this might not solve the problem and might even be a danger to yourself and damage to your pipelines.

The Drain Unblocking Specialists

The Brisbane Plumbers are your local Brisbane professionals in everything drainage and pipes. If you have any questions or require an experienced plumbing technician to unclog your drains pipes, call us or contact us.