Most of us invest more time at home with our households over the summertime holidays. And as a result this normally suggests your house’s water usage will increase. This is why you might need to have a few water saver tips up your sleeve.

As the season warms up, water plays a larger role in summertime activities. Like hanging out in the swimming pool, running through sprinklers, using evaporative air-conditioning for indoor activities and longer or more frequent showers.

To help you put things into point of view, last summer the average home used 1,062 litres of water daily. This is a 175% increase from spring and 293% more than winter. In container terms, the typical individual uses 193 litres in summer compared to 100 litres in spring!

Easy water saver methods your household can use

Did you understand showers add to nearly 25% of home water consumption? An excellent way to conserve water is by sharing baths. If that’s not your thing, try our other favourite trick: keep showers under 4 minutes and play your kids’ favourite tune. To save you a long time, we have actually developed Spotify playlists featuring the best 4-minute hits.

You could also make shower time more enjoyable by getting your kids to see how much water they can capture into a pail to then utilise the garden, and you’ll be on track for a gold star from us!

Check Your Clothing

Motivate your kids to spot check their clothes prior to tossing them in the laundry basket. If their clothes aren’t that filthy, position them back in their drawers all set for another day. While we’re on the subject of laundry, waiting till you have a full load to run is another simple method to save water!

Switch It Up

Task your school-aged kids with discovering your allocated watering days, then input those days into your watering system. They can note in the family calendar and have the duty to water the garden on the allocated watering days if you’re hand waterers! Inspect your watering days.

Get An Additional Pair of Hands in the Kitchen

Include your kids in dinner preparations by letting them make some menu options. There are Waterwise ways they can prep once they have actually chosen. Use a plugin a bowl or the sink to wash veggies– a running tap truly adds to water waste (turn it off throughout teeth brushing too!). Another simple hack is to keep bottles or containers of tap water in the refrigerator, so you do not require to run the tap till it gets cold enough to drink.

We can all do something to conserve water, and as climate change continues to impact our water sources, it’s never been more crucial to interact and adapt the way we use water. Learn more about our water sources.