Do you feel like the amount you’re spending on your water bill is abnormally high? Over the years, The Brisbane Plumbers have heard all sorts of understandable complaints about high water bills. If your water bill jumps for no apparent reason, you’d be feeling very disappointed and out of pocket. However, there are a few simple things you can look out for to avoid being shocked by your water bill.

The Brisbane Plumber’s: Things To Look Out For To Avoid Shocking Water Bills

Plumbing Services Brisbane By The Brisbane PlumbersHigh Water Pressure in Your Shower:

When you’re taking a shower, high water pressure may feel like a good thing; however, it’s also bulking up your water bill. Many modern showerheads have water restrictors in them to avoid excess water usage. However, at The Brisbane Plumbers, we’ve seen some people remove these restrictors, and older houses don’t have them. High water pressure means you may be using more water than you need, which is just costing you money on the water bill. Next time you’re taking a shower, pay attention to how the water feels. If it feels like it’s pushing you, rather than flowing over you, you may have unnecessarily high water pressure.

Dripping Taps:

A dripping tap may seem like an obvious reason for your water bill to be high, but many people overlook it. However, even if the tap is only dripping one drop per second, it can waste as much as 20 litres in a day. And that’s a slow drip-rate. The Brisbane Plumbers recommend not overlooking dripping taps. When you see a tap dripping, tighten the faucet to avoid losing water. If it still doesn’t stop, you may need to contact a plumber.

Running Toilet:

You may prefer a running toilet to a blocked one; however, a running toilet will cost you money. Generally, a toilet uses between 6 and 32 litres of water when you flush. Already a lot of water. However, a constantly flowing toilet will certainly show up on your water bill. If you hear your toilet hissing for a long period of time, or it’s taking a while to flush, you should contact a plumber about a running or leaking toilet.

The Brisbane Plumber’s: Things You Can’t Look Out For

Damaged or leaking pipes:

Above we talked about what you can see and do to prevent wasting water; however, you can’t see most of the plumbing in your house. We, at The Brisbane Plumbers, are regularly asked, “How come my water bills are so high? We’re a very water conscious household.” The plumbing you can see, such as toilets and taps, is the minority of plumbing present in your household. The majority, the pipes, are behind walls and underground. If a pipe is damaged or leaking, you wouldn’t even know but your water bill would. If your water bill has jumped, but there are no visible signs, you may need to get your pipes checked.

Can I fix these problems myself?

The short answer is no. The Brisbane Plumbers have seen many people try and fix their plumbing, based on online tutorials, and it ends up costing them more than they saved. Inexperienced plumbing can lead to immediate or long term disasters. Leave it to the professionals. If your water bill is too high, or you’re having a plumbing emergency, call The Brisbane Plumbers. We are the most reliable 24-hour emergency plumber service in Brisbane. We understand that if you experience problems outside of business hours, it can be very stressful. That is why our emergency plumbing services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We cover all areas of Brisbane. We will deal with your plumbing problems efficiently and professionally while providing outstanding customer service. Call The Brisbane Plumbers on 0450 932 850.