What is pipe relining:

Often called no-dig pipe repair, pipe relining solutions provide a new way to fix cracked or broken pipes, without digging the pipes up. Once upon a time, you could only perform pipe repairs by digging them up and replacing them. 

Replacing pipes is a fantastic long-term solution for damaged pipes, but is inconvenient for your daily life – especially if the sewer pipes are located under a paved area (like a driveway) or a freshly landscaped yard. It’s also very expensive to dig up and replace old pipes. 1X2A8616 Featured

So what do Brisbane plumbers do to avoid this? We do pipe relining. Pipe relining can repair and restore pipes without the expensive traditional pipe replacement methods. 

As you may imagine, pipe relining involves coating the pipes to reseal and repair them. How do Brisbane plumbers do this? The short explanation is we insert a tube into the pipe and inflate it inside the pipe. The tube is coated with resin, which coats the inside of the pipe. Finally, we wait for the resin to set, and voila, the pipe is resealed. Relining isn’t just a short-term solution. It’s incredibly durable and long-lasting. Plus, it’s less expensive. 

The Brisbane Plumbers Explain The Pipe Relining Process:

1 – Brisbane plumbers use a camera to inspect the pipe

Before pipe relining is performed, Brisbane plumbers will use an inspection with a specially designed camera to assess the damage within the existing pipe. Unfortunately, not all piping problems can be solved with relining. If the pipe has collapsed or the hole is too big, the pipes may need to be replaced. However, if the damage is salvageable, Brisbane plumbers will proceed to the next stage of pipe relining. 

2 – Brisbane Plumbers Clean The Pipes

After completing the inspection, Brisbane plumbers will use jet cleaners to pressure wash the pipes. This removes any blocked drain build-up, grease and sediment from the pipes. Without clean pipes, the new pipe lining is unlikely to bond to the pipes. After cleaning, the pipes will be double-checked with the camera. 

3 – Brisbane Plumbers Prepare The New Lining

Once the pipes are clean, Brisbane plumbers will measure and size the lining. The pipe lining is generally made of polyester or fibreglass and is coated in epoxy resin. 

4 – Brisbane Plumbers Reline The Pipes

After sizing the lining, it is placed into an inversion tank and then into the pipe. Brisbane plumbers will inflate the liner, so it can push the resin into the pipe. 

5 – Brisbane Plumbers Cure The Pipe

Finally, once the lining is inserted, Brisbane plumbers let the resin set. The epoxy will set on its own but can be sped up using hot water or steam. Then, a UV light is used to finish curing the resin. Once the resin is completely set, a robotic cutter is placed into the pipe and cuts open all the junctions that were closed. 

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