There’s most likely a water leak someplace if your house has a musty odour that never ever clears up entirely. Regrettably, if you can’t see a water leak, you may not discover the source of the leak easily. The leak could originate from a device leak, water pipe leak, or drain leak.

Here are some tips for finding the leak so you can make repairs prior to water damage striking your home.

Inspect All Appliances That Use Water

Inspect your dishwashing machine, hot water heater, fridge, cleaning maker, and HVAC unit for indications of a water leak. You might see the water behind the appliance, a saggy floor due to decaying, or mould on the walls.

Condensation drain issues might cause water to leak on the floor from a fridge or a/c. Other home appliances may have loose plumbing connections or worn internal parts that need repairs. Your plumber will most likely require to change the heating unit if a water heating unit is leaking through the tank due to rust.

Do a Water Meter Test

If the leakage is in the water lines, a basic test will determine. Switch off all the water in your house and don’t use any water till the test is complete. Read your water meter, make a note of the number, and then read the number again in an hour.

The number on your meter demonstrates how much water you’re using, so if the number increases, it means water is running even though all the faucets are shut off. That’s a sure sign of a water leak. By getting the real numbers, you can figure out the number of litres dripping per hour to understand the size of the leak.

Examine Your Toilet for Leaks

A leaky toilet is a common reason for water leakage that adds to your water bill. Put a couple of drops of food colouring in the tank and wait to see if the water in the bowl changes colour, too. If it does, you know water is dripping from the tank to the bowl, which will trigger the tank to fill back up continuously and wastewater.

Inspect around the bottom of the toilet. If the seal under the toilet is bad, water will leak on the flooring and trigger a mouldy odour and floor damage. A fracture in the tank can likewise trigger water to leak on the floor and contribute to mould growth in the bathroom.

Look for Issues With Drain Lines

Leaks in drain lines are harder to discover due to the fact that they don’t add to your water costs or show up on a water meter test. Rather, you should inspect under your sinks for signs of stained floor covering or walls that indicate concealed leaks.

Check outside, too, given that a drain may leak water in your yard, and when that happens, the additional water may make the turf greener above the location of the leak.

The Brisbane Plumbers

The Brisbane Plumbers Can Fix Any Water Leak

Plumbing specialists have different ways of finding an emergency water leak. Our CCTV video cameras are valuable for discovering areas where water is dripping behind walls and under floorings. The temperature of the water appears on the cam so the plumbing can inform where the water is streaming and which areas of your house are affected.

Our plumbing technicians might likewise thread a pipeline video camera into pipelines to look for signs of damage and dripping. If there is extensive damage that needs brand-new pipelines or simply area damage that can be repaired, a camera shows.

A water leak in your home is frustrating, especially if you have actually verified the leakage through a meter test but you can’t find out where it’s originating from. Call us to discover the leak and make repairs, due to the fact that the longer you wait, the higher the threat of water damage to your house.