Top 5 Plumbing Problems Old Homes Have

For a Brisbane plumber, old homes have their charm. Wooden flooring and large verandas being just some of the charm. These old homes, however, have their challenges in terms of the plumbing. If you own an old home or are considering buying an older home, you should learn the common hidden issues seen by a Brisbane plumber.

Roof Leaks

Water leaking into your roof can cause a big problem later on. For this reason, it is important to get a Brisbane plumber to come out and inspect the common spots in which your roof could be leaking. To check for leaks in your roof, look for water stains on the ceiling, walls and around windows.

Old Plumbing

Due to the age of these homes, they may have serious plumbing issues if they weren’t maintained. It is common for a Brisbane plumber to notice several plumbing issues that haven’t been fixed. Before you get a Brisbane plumber here are a few signs you should check for potentially serious plumbing issues.1X2A8616 Featured

These signs don’t necessarily mean you should stop considering the home. If you notice the signs just make sure to contact a Brisbane plumber and understand how much it may cost.

Sewer Lines

As your sewer lines are out of sight, you may not notice problems until it is too late. Sewer lines are frequently used especially if you have modern appliances such as a dishwasher. This heavy usage increases the chance of your sewer lines getting damaged. Even without extensive remodelling and modernisation of your old home, the eventual shifting can cause tree root damage that you need a Brisbane plumber to repair.

Fixtures and Connections

The faucets, fixtures, and supply line connections experience corrosion as well as common wear and tear, so you should get a Brisbane plumber to check these in your old home. Without proper maintenance, you may notice restricted water flow, broken knobs, and leaks. If you get a Brisbane plumber to assist in fixing these problems, you will avoid the worst-case scenario.

Maintenance is the best solution for preventing the worst-case scenario from occurring. If you notice any potential problems, contact a Brisbane plumber and get them to watch and maintain your system.

Foundation Issues

Water damage can seriously damage a houses’ foundation. An obvious foundation issue is warping in your floor. There are many other foundation issues caused by water damage commonly seen by a Brisbane plumber. These include:

If you notice any of these or other warping issues, make sure to contact a qualified professional to inspect the foundation.

Fix Your Plumbing Now With The Brisbane Plumbers

If you are currently experiencing issues with plumbing in Brisbane, you should consider getting the professional Brisbane plumbers in to have a look. Seeking the help of a licensed Brisbane plumber will let you rest at ease knowing the problem has been completed professionally and will lower the chance of future problems.

General plumbing problems are all in a days work for a Brisbane plumber. General plumbing and repairs are one of the most common things we do. If you have any problems or concerns about your plumbing, call The Brisbane Plumbers today. We are Brisbane’s leading emergency plumbers. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, any day of the year. We also have a 60 minutes response time guarantee. Call now on 0450 932 850.