Top 5 Reasons You Need A Dishwasher

Are you thinking of buying a dishwasher? Potentially you have a dishwasher but are thinking of upgrading? If so, dishwashers have many advantages over hand washing and can be easily installed by a Brisbane plumber. Some of the main advantages that are seen by a Brisbane plumber of dishwashers include:Lady With Emergency Plumbing Problem

Of these 10 reasons, the 5 we’ll cover today are time-saving, water-efficiency, cleanliness, safety and the variety of dishwashers for sale. So let’s get started. 

Cleaner Dishes

Your sponge will get dirtier over time. Not only do sponges soak up water, but they also soak up bacteria. This bacteria will later transfer to your dishes. There is a saying commonly used by a Brisbane plumber that sponges are dirtier than a toilet seat. Even though you are washing your sponge off, your sponge might be dirtier than a toilet seat without you even knowing.

Dishwashers do not use a cloth or a sponge, instead, a pump propels hot water against the dirty dishes. This is why dishwashers are cleaner than hand washing and will get off most of the bacteria and food particles, leaving you with clean dishes.


Hand washing dishes will generally use more water than a dishwasher. This means dishwashers will save you time and money. If you are environmentally oriented this is even more important as it stops you from wasting water. You will be glad to hear by a Brisbane plumber that water-efficient dishwashers are also generally electricity-efficient. Saving both the environment and your pocket. These dishwashers are the newest and greatest, so make sure you research into the new, environmentally friendly dishwashers that might not be cheap at the start but will save you money in the long run. 

If you already have a dishwasher model that is around 10+ years old you could be using over double the amount of water for the same clean. Upgrading to a newer model is recommended by a Brisbane plumber as it will save you money in the long run. 

Dishwashers Save Time

The biggest reason people choose a dishwasher is to save time. We all need to clean our dishes, generally more than once a day. This adds up to a lot of time that is spent on the dishes every single day. Over a year, or your life, just imagine how much time hand washing would have wasted.

With the bust lifestyles that are common in the 21st century this time is needed for other activities. Whether that is relaxing, spending time with your loved ones or making money, this time could be put to better use. A Brisbane plumber hears it all the time from people, dishwashers save time.


When was the last time you broke your crockery while washing it? If you had a dishwasher your answer would be never. When you break your crockery, there is a danger involved. Cuts are commonly caused by crockery breaking. A dishwasher is much safer in washing up your fragile crockery. This will lead to fewer broken dishes and a much safer household. If you are someone who has expensive glasses, plates or other crockery, a Brisbane plumber recommends dishwashers even more as a breaking dish will be expensive. Make the change to a dishwasher today.

Variety Of Dishwashers

You can now get a dishwasher that suits all of your needs. Design is a big element for what dishwasher is chosen. If you have a farmhouse-style for example you want a dishwasher that suits your style and doesn’t stand out like a sore thumb. Fortunately, there are enough different types of dishes that you can get one to suit almost every style. 

If you have limited space then there are many dishwashers to choose from. Whatever your dishwasher requirements there will be a dishwasher for you. 

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