Top 6 Trends In Brisbane plumbing

There are many fittings and accessories trending in 2020. Many of which will move into 2021 and only get more popular. With these Brisbane plumbing trends making life that much easier and better, they are here to stay. The main places that are having Brisbane plumbing innovations are the bathroom and the kitchen. We use the bathroom and kitchen at various points throughout the day. Plumbing is also a major part of these two areas. 

With these new bathroom installed your Brisbane plumbing will be smarter, cleaner and more convenient, increasing the value of your Brisbane property. These Brisbane plumbing innovations are able to bring life to your domestic and commercial spaces. 

Advanced Bathtubs

Bathtubs are becoming more advanced, with relaxation and resource efficiency being at the forefront of these changes. The taps can now be electronically controlled, scheduled and set to regulate the temperature. Allowing you to relax in the bath without having the water be too hot and cold at different times. Saving time and water consumption. Bathtubs are also becoming more like a spa with water jets and chromotherapy functions just some of the new options. Brisbane plumbing professionals are able to set some of the components of this system.

Infrared Sensor Faucet

With the commercialisation of infrared faucets, many domestic settings are also moving to this attractive alternative. By minimising the need to touch your faucet, this technology maximises the hygiene inside your bathroom. By getting Brisbane plumbing professionals to install this smart faucet you will be able to minimise health risks while removing the worry of forgetting to turn off a tap. Lowering your water bill instantly without needing too much Brisbane plumbing work.  

Programmable Shower

There are many different types of programmable showers. The most popular one seen by Brisbane plumbing professional is a shower with voice activation features. This allows the user to control the shower through voice control rather than having to control it manually. Through your voice or programmable device, you can control the temperature and length of your shower easily. 

If you have multiple shower heads you can even control when each shower turns on individually. This allows you to control your side showers, steam release, and massage features separately. If you have blue tooth speakers installed in your shower, these can also be programmed onto your device. 

Smart Toilet

Smart toilets have been designed with convenience and functionality in mind. Brisbane plumbing professionals see many smart toilets including toilets with water-saving functions. These toilets provide you with the ability to adjust the volume of water used to flush the toilet. This also promotes good hygiene as they have built-in water options that minimise how much you need to touch the screen. 

Another smart toilet option will mean you don’t need to worry about running out of toilet paper again. There are now toilets with built-in drying features, anti-microbial seats and cleaning functions. The cleaning function uses water pressure and cleaning agent to wash away the dirt and germs. 

Toilet Bowl Flushing Paf9Ch6Small
Toilet bowl with cleaner and freshener block, flushing blue water

Other features that are common among smart toilets include:

Greywater is defined as used water from your home that can be reused for non-drinking purposes, unlike sewage water. This water comes from your baths, showers and washing machines. This water can then be re-used on your lawns to lower your water bill and improve your plant growth. Get a Brisbane plumbing professional to install a greywater system and start saving on your water bill today.

Smart sprinkler systems

Smart sprinklers are now able to detect the moisture content of your lawn and turn on when this content gets low. This also takes into account temperature and energy consumption. This smart technology also has the ability to monitor your water consumption based on your maximum consumption set. Any plumbing issues with the pipe leading your sprinklers will trigger an alert and notify you of the issue. Allowing you to get Brisbane plumbing professionals in a short amount of time.


Do you have any of these plumbing innovations in your home? If not it may be about time to get some. 

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