We have already grown accustomed to using our dishwashers for everything. When you have a few guests over, being able to use a dishwasher makes life much easier. Unfortunately, all products wear over time and a dishwasher is no exception to this.

It is common for older dishwashers to start leaking, especially when you need them the most. If you notice water accumulating under the door chance is your dishwasher is leaking. If you notice this happening or have other suspicions about your dishwasher leaking then this article is for you. Here we will go through the 5 most common reasons a dishwasher can leak.Banner1C1

  1. The door is leaking
  2. A damaged tub
  3. Loose or damaged valves
  4. Your dishwasher isn’t level
  5. Using the wrong soap

The most common cause of a leaky dishwasher is the door itself. If your dishwasher door is bent, loose or not latching properly then this will cause it to leak.

This fix could be as simple as tightening the latch with a screwdriver. If this doesn’t work you may need to either replace the entire latch system or replace the gasket. Gaskets are the rubber lining on the inside of the door. This can be damaged over time and is a simple fix. Just a reminder that you should ensure the power is turned off before attempting to fix anything on the dishwasher.

2 – A damaged tub

After a while, your dishwasher will start to wear. If your dishwasher is getting older you may need to check if it has a hole in the tub. All of the detergents placed inside a dishwasher can lead to corrosion which will cause a hole. A hole doesn’t always mean you need to replace the dishwasher so you are better off checking with a local plumber. Depending on the age and severity of the hole you may need to replace the dishwasher.

3 – Loose or damaged valves

Another common wear and tear symptom is the loosening of the hoses and connections inside your dishwasher. To check if your dishwasher has loose or damaged valves, simply check that they are securely connected and that the hose clamps are holding them in place. In this process you should check the water inlet valve isn’t stuck because this will lead to flooding.

If you find that the hoses are cracked, they are easy to replace. You’ll just need the replacement parts.

4 – Dishwasher isn’t level

If your dishwasher isn’t level it will likely leak. To check if this is the reason your dishwasher is leaking simply place a level measurer on the bottom of the unit. This will let you know if it is misaligned or not. If it is misaligned simply place shims under the unit until it is perfectly level.

5 – Using the wrong soap

If you are using regular dish soap in your dishwasher, STOP. Regular dish soap foams up too much which can cause it to leak. Even using regular dishwasher soap to rinse the dishes off can lead to this happening. Residual soap will foam up and overtime this will damage the gasket.

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