When you’re buying a house, there are so many things on your mind that you may forget about the plumbing. Plumbing Services Brisbane understand the stress of buying a home. Before buying a home, you have to thoroughly inspect the plumbing. Ask details about the pipes, such as how old they are and if they’ve had any issues. If you find something amiss in the plumbing, you may be able to negotiate a better price or avoid buying a lemon. Here are some simple things to look out for when buying a home.

Things Plumbing Services Brisbane Suggest Checking:

Plumbing Services Brisbane By The Brisbane Plumbers

Water Leaks:

Water leaks may suggest potential water damage, so you must check the water hotspots of the home: kitchen, bathroom, plumbing. Look for tap leaks and water damage in, around and under sinks. If there are leaks around the toilet, there will be warped or discoloured floors. Also, see if the toilet shifts when you touch it. If it moves, the seals could be weak.

Walls and Ceilings:

You may not expect it, but the state of the walls and ceilings can also indicate the state of the plumbing. If the walls have discolouration or mould, then there may be an excess of moisture from a leak. However, there are also non-plumbing related causes of wall and ceiling mould. Regardless, keep a close eye on the walls and ceilings.

Hot Water Systems:

Hot water systems are made to last about a decade, but you should still check their condition. To find out how old the system is, you can check the serial number tag. Otherwise, check the colour of the water, the pressure, the temperature, and check for any leaks. Also, if the property is on the coastline, rust may shorten the system’s life span. It’s not uncommon for plumbing services Brisbane to get called to a new house to replace a water heater, so make sure you check it.

Leaking Sewerage:

There are several ways you can check for leaking sewerage, and they all involve the backyard. When you inspect the backyard, if the garden is overgrown in patches, or there is water sitting on the lawn, or a bad smell, there may be a sewer pipe flowing into your garden somewhere.

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