Dripping taps, dripping toilets, obstructed drains pipes and burst pipelines. These are all among the most common plumbing accidents that need an emergency plumber. Maybe you’ll be woken by the noise of water spraying around inside your home. Or stunned to come house to the stench of sewerage drenched floorings. But you need to understand how to act.

Undoubtedly the first thing you should do is to call an emergency plumber. The longer you leave things the more money the repair work will likely cost, so time is of the essence. When your emergency plumber is on their way to assist there are some actions you need to take. These will minimise the damage and make their task simpler once they show up.

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Shut off the Water Supply

Presuming you know where the water mains to your home are, go there and shut off the supply valve. Turn the valve until the flow of water has stopped totally.

If you do not know where the water supply valve in your house is call your proprietor to discover. If you do not have a proprietor call somebody else to search where the valve is or begin searching for it immediately.

In most Australian suburban homes the valve will be outside your house near the road. This is in the exact same location as the water metre. If you live in an apartment or condo complex you might have a valve inside your flat. This is potentially in the cooking area or bathroom inside some of the cabinets. It is not uncommon nevertheless for these valves to be outside the home in a corridor cupboard, stairwell, or other easily accessible typical location.

When you shut the mains to your house or apartment you can try to tidy up the dirt or clutter. This will help prepare for the arrival of the plumbing technician. Do not try to eliminate any fittings, taps, pipelines, or the toilet prior to they show up as this may trigger additional issues unless you have experience with the plumbing system and truly understand what you’re doing.

If you are dealing with an obstructed drain that is overflowing is extremely suggested that you do not press anything down the drain in an attempt to clear it. This action can force the blockage further down the pipeline making it more difficult to get rid of later on.

Water Meter Needs To Be Checked Before The Emergency Plumber Arrives
A normal suburban Brisbane water meter will look similar to this. The cover might also have BCC in big letters on the top. (Image from: Unity Water)

Clear Around the Problem Location

If at all possible shot and mop up the location around where any water might have spilled. Don’t be too pedantic. There may be some more leaks as the plumbing technician is working on the plumbing. Nevertheless, if there is a big mess definitely makes good sense to begin cleaning up faster rather than later on.

It is likewise an excellent concept to move any individual products, furniture, or anything else that might get harmed by water or could be in the way of the plumbing technician when he gets here. Offering the plumbing technician area to repair the issue will allow him to work more effectively and have your household running as regular faster.

Ensure your kids and family pets are kept away from the problem location until it is all been fixed. It is likewise an excellent concept to have some towels helpful around the area that will be dealt with, as the flooring may get wet depending upon the problem.

Leave the Emergency Plumber to Focus on the Task

Once the emergency plumber has shown up, leave them alone to work on the problem. If they need to know anything relating to the concern however if you have any concerns it’s best to wait until after the work has actually been done, they will ask you.

This will allow the plumber to focus on the task and get your water flowing based on regular as soon as possible. After the task is complete the plumbing technician will let you know in detail about the problem, why it happened, and what could be done to prevent it from happening again.