It’s an unfortunate fact of life – sooner or later, you and your household will face a plumbing emergency. Whether it’s a burst pipe, blocked drain or hot water issue, knowing what to do and who to call can minimise damage to your home and your hip pocket.

Remember, the longer you wait, the more damage that could be done. So don’t panic! Keep your cool, take the following steps, then call The Brisbane Plumbers and let us help you defuse the situation.

What to Do in a Plumbing Emergency

These steps will help you handle any plumbing emergency you encounter. But remember, always call your local emergency plumber during the process. The safest thing for your home is to have a 24/7 plumbing emergency plumber just a phone call away. So don’t forget to add The Brisbane Plumbers to your list of contacts, so you can quickly contact us when you really need us.

Here are plumbing emergency tips to help you get through a situation:

Shut off the water.
Whenever an emergency strikes, turn off the closest water source as quickly as you can. Toilets often have a valve at the base or behind. For larger emergencies or flooding, you’ll want to turn off the main valve in your home. If you live in a unit, you will need to contact the onsite manager immediately.

Check your water heater.
In a major emergency, it’s a good idea to turn off your water heater to avoid damage to the unit. Only turn off the heater after the main water valve is shut off to prevent heat from welling up inside of it, which raises the risk of bursting or overheating. If you have a gas water heater, always turn the gas off first.

Tackle small leaks
If you find a small leak that’s easy to identify, stop it as best as possible. Keeping some plumber’s tape in your toolbox will make this chore a lot easier. You can also stuff rags and towels around pipes or put buckets under dripping leaks to help stop further damage. Make a note of these leaks and let the plumbers know as soon as they arrive — this is a great way to ensure your problems are addressed in the safest order.

Call and listen.
Once you performed triage on the emergency, contact The Brisbane Plumbers right away. People often forget to call a plumber while an emergency is occurring. Reduce as much damage as possible by calling us immediately. The best part of an early call is that you’ll get some initial help with the problem. Trained plumbing experts who answer your call can also let you know if the situation is too dangerous. When a professional or a government official tells you to leave your home during an emergency, please listen. It can save your life.

These tips can help save your home and get you in the right mindset to tackle an emergency. Being prepared is the best way to successfully handle any plumbing situation.

Not sure? Call the plumber anyway.

If in doubt, call and speak to The Brisbane Plumbers about the problem. Often, they can talk you through measures to keep things going (or not) until business hours if it’s not urgent. Alternatively, if the problem needs immediate attention they’ll be around to fix the issue there and then.