Water heaters are one of the hardest working parts of any home. However, most people don’t know what to look out for in a malfunctioning hot water system. Unfortunately, Brisbane plumbers see broken and malfunctioning hot water systems every day. So, here are some signs you can look out for if you suspect your hot water system is malfunctioning.

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1 – Strange Water Colour

An easy to spot sign of a malfunctioning water system is the water’s colour. Sometimes, when hot water systems are malfunctioning, and you turn the hot water on, might be murky, cloudy, or brown – it should be clear. If this is the case, contact a Brisbane plumber. There are several reasons the water may be murky, and your local Brisbane plumber will be able to determine if it’s the hot water system or something else. 

2 – Temperature

Sometimes you may need to adjust the water heater’s thermostat, however, if you are constantly doing this, there may be something wrong with your water heater. 

3 – No Water At All

If you turn the tap to hot water, but no water comes out, there is likely something wrong with the heater element in your hot water system. Generally, having a Brisbane plumber change the heating element will fix it. However, in some cases, it may be something completely different. In this instance, a Brisbane plumber will inform you about the best course of action.

4 – Noises

Generally, hot water systems shouldn’t be making any noise, so noises can be a sign something is wrong. If you hear any banging or rattling noises, there may be a build-up of dirt and debris within the hot water system or a broken heating element. Whatever the case, call a Brisbane plumber for assistance. Also, most of these problems can be avoided with regular servicing. So, make sure you have a Brisbane plumber maintain your hot water system regularly. 

5 – Puddles near the water heater

Water around your hot water system may indicate there is a leak. The challenge is, when the metal has cooled, the inner tank will stop leaking. So, you may not immediately see a leak. Regardless, if there is water around your hot water system, you should call your local Brisbane plumber. Holding off may only make it worse. 

Have concerns about your water heater?

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