Did you know, garden sprinklers can use as much as 1000 litres of water per hour? Even watering your garden by hand with a hose can cause wastage from overwatering and runoff. To help you save money and the environment, and continue on from our last water-saving post, we’ve come up with top tips from a Brisbane plumber for saving water in the yard and garden.

Brisbane Plumber water-saving tips:

1 – Use greywater for watering

Using greywater is one of the easiest changes you can make to reduce the amount of water you use in the garden. Any Brisbane plumber will tell you a lot of the water we use is still clean enough to water plants. For example, the water you use to wash your veggies or the rinse cycle on your washing machine. You can even buy greywater-friendly clothes and dish detergent so you can use washing water in the garden. To use greywater, a Brisbane plumber will tell you to collect greywater in a bucket, or you can even redirect your washing machine outlet to the garden. Slide1C Mobile

2 – Water your plants during cooler parts of the day

A Brisbane plumber will see it all the time; people leaving it to the hottest parts of the day to water their plants. The trouble is, this causes water to evaporate at a faster rate, leaving your plants thirsty and your water wasted. A Brisbane plumber will tell you to water your plants early or late in the day, rather than the middle. Early morning is best, before the sun is in full-force, and will even help prevent the growth of harmful fungus. 

3 – Use a bucket to wash your car

Washing your car with a hose, especially during hot parts of the day, can waste hundreds of litres of water. A Brisbane plumber will tell you you can greatly reduce your water usage by using a bucket to wash your car and only using a hose to rinse. Another Brisbane plumber tip is to use a spray nozzle on your hose or even use a watering can. Whatever the case, don’t use your hose 100% of the time when washing your car. 

4 – Choose less thirsty plants

Depending on the purpose of your garden, decorative versus production, there are types of plants that use less water. A Brisbane plumber may not be a gardener, but they’ll still tell you that drought-tolerant and native plants are a great way to go for water saving. Native plants will save you on water and maintenance because they’ve evolved to the Australian climate. 

5 – Position your sprinklers carefully

If you can’t avoid using sprinklers, a Brisbane plumber will remind you to place them where they’re most effective. The best way to do this is to place your sprinklers where the water only reaches the lawn and plants, not the pavement. Also, a Brisbane plumber will tell you not to use a hose or sprinklers to clean the pavement. Sweep away roughage with a broom, and only use water when absolutely necessary. 

6 – Get unusual lawn growth inspected

When a drain has burst underground, there are two key signs to spotting it: water puddles (when there’s been no rain) or patches of long grass. If you see either of these, contact your local Brisbane plumber. If a drain or pipe is leaking, it’s costing you money. Make sure you get a Brisbane plumber to come and check it out, so you’re not wasting money or water. 

Experiencing plumbing problems around your house?

Now that you know how you can save water in your yard, who do you call if you’re experiencing a plumbing problem or emergency? If you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency in the Brisbane region, contact the Brisbane plumbers immediately. We have reliable fixed costs and will be there within 60 minutes. For all things plumbing and gas related, anytime, any day, contact the Brisbane plumbers on 0450 932 850.