What’s a hidden emergency? Well, there are many times when a plumbing problem doesn’t seem like an emergency plumbing situation. But that’s when you have a hidden emergency or an emergency waiting to happen, just like a dormant volcano.

If you’ve ever had an issue with plumbing, you can comprehend the seriousness which comes with a plumbing job when it’s most needed. Even if a water leak is temporarily contained, the meter which registers your water bill continues to run. You might try to prevent the issues with regular maintenance but at some point, you are going to have an unforeseen plumbing problem. The lucky thing is, we’re here to help. If you think you might have an emergency plumbing situation or just need help, give us a call.

Clogged Drains Or Pipes

A clogged-up drainpipe might not look like an immediate emergency situation until you have to take a shower with hair as well as water filling up around your ankles because the shower doesn’t drain correctly. Just as bad is when you attempt to clean your teeth after your partner or kids have left some water sitting in the bottom of the sink.

You can postpone fixing a clogged pipe till you get home from work. However, it is the type of problem which needs to be taken care of promptly and is a hidden emergency. After all, having water drain slowly isn’t an issue now but it can lead to a potential burst pipe if left alone. It’s always best to get this checked out by a professional and in most cases, make sure not to even wait for a couple of hours with this issue.

Leaky Faucet

Another hidden emergency, a dripping tap might not seem as urgent as a blocked drain. But it will certainly make you hurry when you see the water bill. A tiny drip amounts to kilolitres over the course of a month. It may appear like a minor nuisance while it’s leaking, however, a leaking tap needs to be repaired promptly. The trouble is especially exaggerated if you live in an area prone to droughts like Queensland. However, water wasting isn’t an appropriate practice anywhere with the modern understanding of the relevance of water conservation.

A leaky faucet or dripping tap is another hidden emergency indicator as it reveals how old your house’s plumbing is. Make sure if you have a dripping tap that you get a plumber out to inspect all your plumbing connectors. The last thing you want is for a leaking faucet to be ignored only for your hot water pipes to suddenly start leaking too.

Poor Water Pressure

The issue of having low water pressure is neglected more than any other plumbing issue because individuals often tend to presume, “that’s just the way it is.” Nonetheless, that’s not true. Low water pressure is the sign of much bigger trouble that has nothing to do with the city, area, or water supply. If you have low water pressure you most likely have a dripping pipe someplace within your system inside or house or in the main line from your water source to your house. Low water pressure is a concern you require to address and settle prior to the underlying concern ending up being a much bigger issue.

Low water pressure could be an indicator of a broken or burst pipe somewhere else in your home. Or it could be an indicator of another hidden emergency, where tree roots have grown into your water main. Emergency plumbers like The Brisbane Plumbers come equipped with CCTV cameras that can snake along pipes and locate the source of the problem.

So make sure you are never caught in another hidden emergency and give The Brisbane Plumbers a call.

A Clogged Pipe Can Turn Into A Hidden Emergency