How many times do you use a sink, shower, or toilet during the day? Most likely, you use them several times a day (except the shower which should only be used once or twice). The trouble that many Brisbane plumbers are facing is the misuse of common plumbing fixtures. Here are some very common uses of plumbing that seem innocent, but are terrible for your plumbing. 

Washing food down the sink:

The most common mistake all Brisbane plumbers face is people washing food down the sink. It is the single most common reason for pipes and drains getting blocked. The key, as Brisbane plumbers will tell you, is to thoroughly scrape food off the plate and into the bin. Sinks with wastage disposal are ideal, but if you don’t have one, you can use a paper towel to wipe the plate clean before washing. The problem isn’t just the food. Any grease on the plate, that is washed down the sink, can eventually build up and harden in the drain. Grease traps and regular servicing are ideal to maintain your sink’s pipes. General Plumbing1

Flushing your dead fish:

Flushing dead a fish, or any small animal, down the toilet is terrible for your plumbing and is illegal in some states (plus it will freak Brisbane plumbers out). It’s a common misconception that flushing your fish down the toilet will send it out to the ocean. More than likely, your fish will wind up in a waste management facility – if it’s still in one piece. Plus, as Brisbane plumbers will tell you, flushing dead animals down the toilet can causes blockages and burst pipes. It’s best to bury your pets in the back yard, or a pet cemetery, so they can properly decompose. To learn more about what not to flush, check out one of our recent posts.

Taping up cracks and leaks:

Brisbane plumbers will often see people making the mistake of using the wrong tape when they’re trying to cover cracks and leaks. Non-plumbing tapes are short-term solutions that can burst if not properly fixed. Brisbane plumbers will always recommend using proper plumbing or Teflon tape to seal gaps and cracks. If you’re still experiencing leaks, it may be time to call a Brisbane plumber. 

Letting the water run in a plumbing emergency:

A mistake Brisbane plumbers see people make all the time is people leaving the water on when they experience a plumbing problem. Usually, people are worried about making the problem worse by turning off the water. Most plumbing problems waste huge amounts of water. Plus, if you go to apply plumbing first aid, you may not know when water will shoot out at high pressure. So, make sure you turn off your plumbing before you attempt anything. 

Not contacting a professional plumber during an emergency:

Brisbane plumbers are called out all the time because people try to fix thing themselves, and sometimes they make it worse. So, trying to fix things yourself can cost you more money and cause more damage. Next time you’re having a plumbing emergency, call The Brisbane Plumbers. We’re Brisbane’s most reliable emergency plumbers. We’re available 24/7 and we’ll be there within 60 minutes. Not only are we quick, but we also provide outstanding customer service. So, next time you’re having trouble with your plumbing, call The Brisbane Plumbers on 0450 932 850.