Although any Brisbane plumber will tell you to call a professional if you’re having a plumbing emergency, there are still some things you can sort yourself or do while waiting for the plumber. However, do you know what tools you need to do the job? We’ve put together a list of tools a Brisbane plumber would recommend keeping handy in your home or business. 

Brisbane Plumber Recommended Tool #1: Plungers

As you may expect, a plunger is an essential item for any house. There are two plungers every household needs: a cup plunger and a flange plunger. A cup plunger, as any Brisbane plumber will tell you, is not for toilets! A cup plunger is what most people picture when you say the word ‘plunger’. Despite popular belief, from Television and Cinema, the cup plunger is not the best for the toilet! Cup plungers work best for drains with flat surfaces, like a sink or bathtub. A flange plunger, with a rubber flap for sealing around the toilet pipe, is best for your bog. Plungers are designed to dislodge clogged drains and pipes by using pressure and suction. In summary, this is the tool a Brisbane plumber would most recommend to have handy.Brisbane Plumber

Brisbane Plumber Recommended Tool #2: Pliers

A Brisbane plumber would recommend pliers for tightening and loosening nuts and bolts in hard to reach places. Pliers have adjustable jaws that lock into place, and a grip handles for more comfort when any physical effort is required. A Brisbane plumber will recommend pliers because they are a versatile tool that can be used as pliers, clamps or wrenches. They’re great for securing pipes, adjusting bolts on hot water systems and more.

Brisbane Plumber Recommended Tool #3: Stubby Screwdriver

Stubby screwdrivers, as the name suggests, are short and wide screwdrivers with interchangeable tips. A Brisbane plumber will recommend having a stubby screwdriver for a couple of reasons: they’re great for reaching into small spaces and they have interchangeable heads. The flexibility they offer is great for dealing with unfamiliar situations or fixtures. 

Brisbane Plumber Recommended Tool #4: Plumber’s Tape

Plumbers tape is good to have around the house because it prevents leaks. Plumbers tape is a great short term solution for leaks because it can withstand the water pressure flowing through the pipes. A Brisbane plumber would recommend having plumbers tape handy for when a rubber seal needs to be replaced and a temporary solution is required. 

Brisbane Plumber Recommended Tool #5: Goggles & Gloves

Goggles and gloves are less of a recommendation and more of a requirement. A Brisbane plumber will tell you to always use goggles and gloves when doing any plumbing work. There’s no way of knowing what will happen when looking at your plumbing, so wearing simple safety gear will help keep you safe. Plus, gloves have better grip when wet than your hands. 

Have plumbing concerns?

As we mentioned at the start of the article, you should always call a professional where possible. These tools are for solving simple plumbing issues, like a clogged toilet, where calling a professional may be unnecessary. As soon as you need any help plumbing or gas help, call The Brisbane Plumbers. We’re available all day and night, every day because plumbing emergencies are rarely convenient. We even have a 60 minute response time guarantee, so you know your Brisbane plumbing needs will be solved ASAP. For everything plumbing and gas, call The Brisbane Plumbers.