Cable machines have become old technology in the plumbing industry. With the introduction of water jetters, cable machines have become almost obsolete.

The old cable machines (also known as the electric drain eel), were a strong and cheap tool for clearing drains. Unfortunately, there were also a lot of downsides to using the cable machine. Water jetters are a perfect tool that does everything when it comes to cleaning drains. They are also perfect for both commercial and domestic use.

So here are the 3 biggest reasons we use a Jet Blaster and why they are superior to the cable machines.

  1. They Don’t Get Stuck In The Drain1X2A8616 Featured

When you are using cable machines it is possible to get your cable stuck in the drain. This creates a massive problem as you have to struggle to get it out. As experienced plumbers, this was an unlikely occurrence, but it still created a problem when it occurred.

If you are considering which one to get, definitely choose the Jet Blaster. Without experience, you’ll likely get the cable machine stuck and this can create a major problem. Cable machines can also damage the drains which will become an expensive repair later on.

water jetters are unlikely to get stuck in the drain making them a much more practical option.

  1. They’re Useable Indoor

Modern homes are not built for easy drain access. Generally, the concrete foundations will limit our access to the drain from the front, meaning we need to go inside.

If the plumber is using a cable machine, it can cause massive amounts of damage inside your house. As licensed and trusted plumbing professionals, we would then have to cover the cost of repairs while you have broken furniture. This is not the situation we want to see.

water jetters don’t have this problem as they connect to flexible hoses to operate. These hoses have been designed to stay still when in use making them unlikely to cause any damage. These hoses can be cleaned and moved separately, meaning they don’t get dirt and dust throughout your house.

  1. They Can Connect To A CCTV CameraRidged Camera Reel

CCTV cameras allow us to provide accurate reporting, recommendations and diagnoses of your drains. Without a CCTV camera, it becomes difficult to achieve the same results.

Cable machines on the other hand do not work well with a CCTV camera. Although it is “possible” to use them together, they actually can’t be used at the same time. This means for every bit of work the cable machine will need to stop working to get any footage. Costing you time and money.

Drain machines let you use the CCTV camera at the same time, saving you time and providing a better service.


It is because of these reasons that we choose the high-pressure Jet Blaster over the cable machines. For personal use, however, water jetters are expensive. They have a large upfront cost, require regular maintenance and are difficult to use.
If you need to get your drains cleaned with a Jet Blaster, it is best to get a qualified plumber. This will save you time and money, letting you get back to what you do best. By getting a qualified plumber with a Jet Blaster, your drains will get cleaned thoroughly, ensuring no problems occur in the future.

At The Brisbane Plumbers, we ensure all our work is done through a Jet Blaster. Our strict training ensures your job gets done to the highest standard. Our team is able to choose between different fittings based on the individual job, boosting efficiency and effectiveness.

Before you get The Brisbane Plumbers, it is important you know:

  1. The age of your home
  2. Where your main connection is located
  3. The location of inspection openings
  4. What work has been done on your drains in the past
  5. How long the problem has been happening for