Pipes are frequently underground, inside walls or under the floors of your house.

At The Brisbane Plumbers, we use a small CCTV camera (drain camera), built specifically for looking into the drainage. With the assistance of these drain cameras, we can see inside your hidden sewer and stormwater pipes, finding any problems that may be present. These drain cameras are attached to a long and flexible cable allowing them to easily bend through the underground pipes.

This advanced technology is critical in ensuring your drainage plumber can inspect your pipes. Without them, many drainage plumbers would have to resort to pipe excavation when it can otherwise be avoided. Leading to an expensive and time-consuming fix. 

What Happens In A Brisbane Drain Camera Inspection?

A camera inspection is important to get whenever you buy a house or notice a problem. These inspections are best carried out by a drainage specialist such as The Brisbane Plumbers because they have a range of different cameras for different uses. They also have the experience and knowledge to best use this equipment.

The first thing your plumber will do after arriving at your property is to determine the best access point. Once they have found this access point they will insert the drain camera. This camera then sends high-resolution video footage to the monitor in real-time. The monitor throughout this process is recording the footage to ensure the plumber can supply you with a comprehensive report at the end. 

After the problem has been identified your plumber will discuss the results with you and recommend the best solution based on the footage. The most common problem we find at The Brisbane Plumbers is a blocked drain. To solve this problem we use a high-pressure drain cleaning tool known as the jet blaster which is easily able to solve a blocked drain. 

Damaged pipes are much harder to solve and we will generally have to excavate the line at least partially. Depending on the damage we may even need to fully excavate the line, however, this is the last resort.

Can I Get A Sewer Camera Inspection

In addition to inspecting drains, we have specific CCTV cameras that can be used in sewer lines. These cameras are known as a “sewer pipe camera” and provide us with a look inside your sewer line. This inspection will reveal any problems such as clogs, blockages, damaged pipes, cracks and tree root infiltration. 

By identifying the exact cause of the problem we can offer you the best solution that is both cost-effective and requires minimal excavation. 

Ridged Camera ReelWhat Are The Most Common Problems Identified?

The most common problems identified in a drain camera inspection are:

The first problem listed, tree root infiltration is the most. When your line is leaking it causes the dirt around it to become moist and full of nutrients. Tree roots are attracted to this moist environment and over time will enter your line through the leak. If you have an older house this problem is especially concerning as pipes used to be made out of old earthenware, clay or metal which can be majorly damaged. If you believe this is happening it is best to act fast as tree roots can cause major problems if left untreated. As they grow bigger inside your pipes it will continue to do more damage and will lead to a more costly fix. 

Collapsed drains generally occur over time. This is because all properties have their main sewer line underground. Over time with the shift of earth and soil within the ground, your sewer line may start to sag, belly or collapse. With our sewer inspection cameras, we can identify the shape of your sewerage line and provide you with this information.

Finally, the flushing of foreign objects is the other common cause of a blocked drain. When you consider the amount of hair, grease, sanitary items, wipes and more that go through our home it’s incredible. The main sewer line is connected to all of your house’s plumbing such as your sink, toilet and shower. 

Can We Inspect Stormwater Drains?

Yes, we can. Stormwater pipes are located underground similar to your sewerage line. This also means that they are susceptible to the same types of damage as your other pipes. They are also similarly affected by foreign objects, although unlike your sewerage line these objects are generally from the garden such as branches and leaves. An inspection by The Brisbane Plumbers will identify the issue and we will provide you with the best course of action. Stormwater drains can cause major damage when blocked so make sure you get in contact with your local plumber as soon as possible.

House Purchase Camera Inspection

One of the best times to get a camera report is when buying a house. This allows you to understand if there are any problems with the sewer and stormwater lines before making the big decision. With this information, you can make a more informed decision about how much it might cost to fix these problems. 

Get A Camera Inspection With The Brisbane Plumbers

If you believe your drain is blocked, damaged or otherwise need an inspection in Brisbane, you should contact The Brisbane Plumbers. A camera inspection will allow you to get accurate, real-time footage of what is inside your drains and how to fix it. We can then suggest to you the best method to fix these problems based on the footage we gathered.

Camera Inspections is all in a days work for a Brisbane plumber. If you have any problems or concerns about your plumbing system, call The Brisbane Plumbers today. We are Brisbane’s leading emergency plumbers. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, any day of the year. We also have a 60 minutes response time guarantee. Call now on 0450 932 850.