Sometimes, when we visit our clients, the initial problem looks like their plumbing system is just blocked or clogged. But looking closely, sediment buildup and constant wear from the blockage means their pipes might even be damaged or broken. And while this is an easy fix for pipes within the house, what happens if we need to get to underground pipes? And how are we going to replace your pipes without digging up your whole backyard? Pipe relining solutions may be the answer you need.

For example, here’s a pipe relining process we completed over the weekend:

Dealing With A Complex Pipe Relining Job

We attended a property after hours on the weekend as their chosen emergency plumber and pipe relining specialists. The issue? Their drain was completely backed up, and sewage was overflowing outside from the relief gully. Firstly, we started by using our high-pressure water jet machine to clear the drain. Secondly, we checked the blocked drain line to find the cause of the blockage. To do this, we used a CCTV camera and came across a badly broken section of the drain.

Sometimes, drain blockages can cause further damage to the pipes. When this happens, it’s likely that you’ll need your pipes replaced. Alternatively, we complete a drain relining instead, preventing the need for expensive and invasive traditional sewer pipe relining methods. Pipe relining doesn’t require any excavation to repair your existing pipe. This particular job only required grinding out the invert (the bottom of the PVC pipe). This then allowed us to push the reline bladder into position. You can see a major break in the drain section, and we completed this particular one flawlessly.

As you can see in the video, we pushed the camera downstream to the broken section of the pipe and upstream to the broken section. You can visibly see how badly broken the drain is. This section of the drain was located underneath the concrete driveway and roughly 3 m deep. As a result, with a pipe reline, we didn’t have to excavate or cut concrete or create any mess.

Finally, after the grinding out of the invert of the pipe, we were able to push the reline bladder into position and permanently repair the broken pipes.

We have recently added pipe relining to one of our products and services. We find a pipe reline to be a cost-effective solution to fix your drain permanently. Plus, it doesn’t require any trench digging to get to the pipes. Feel free to get in touch if you think you might have a damaged pipe. We can always provide a solution to suit your budget.

What is Pipe Relining?

You might be wondering what pipe relining is, even after watching us complete that job. A pipe reline is also known as a reline patch, pipe patching, pipelining, drain relining, trenchless pipe repair, no dig drain repair, no dig pipe repair and inversion lining.

Above all, relining is a great way of repairing your drain line with minimal disruptions to your property. We can repair a broken or damaged section of the drain line without digging or excavating at your premises. We can even repair drains underneath concrete, footings and driveways without cutting concrete or doing any major excavation work.

Pipe relining is a process where we are able to line the internal section of the drain permanently repairing the drain. Essentially, it is putting a sleeve inside the drain pipe.

A reline patch can be as small as 60 cm and can go as far as 20-plus metres down the drain. The diameter of the pipe can vary from your small domestic 40mm pipe all the way up to your larger size of 600mm.

The benefits of pipe relining

A pipe relining is a perfect way to ensure your pipes are in their best condition without the hassle of excavation.

If you have any questions or queries regarding pipe repairs or relining, please feel free to give us a call and have a chat about your options.