Brisbane Plumbing Tree Root Damage

As a Brisbane plumbing specialist, we frequently deal with tree root damage on underground water pipes and drains. One myth is that trees break water pipes and drains, causing them to leak. We at Brisbane Plumbers, however, know roots penetrate existing leaks over a long period. This occurs as roots are designed to find water, oxygen and nutrients sources, making your pipes the perfect location. Pipes which are used less frequently are more likely to encounter this problem as plants need both a moist and dry environment to thrive.

Once tree roots begin to infiltrate the pipes, various other opportunistic plants begin to do the same. This makes fixing your pipes early extremely important. Simply cutting the roots may worsen the problem as many species of plants speed up their growth when cut. As a Brisbane plumbing specialist, we instead use various tools to help us remove tree roots in and surrounding your pipes. 

To fix this problem, a plumbing professional in Brisbane will need to assess the tree roots and identify which tree they come from. In Brisbane, trees in neighbouring yards can’t be removed by others and disputes need to be settled under the Neighbourhood Disputes (Dividing Fences and Trees) Act 2011. Some technology that The Brisbane Plumbers use to achieve high success in identifying and removing tree roots include a CCTV drain camera, underground pipe locators and high-pressure water jetters. When removing tree roots from a pipe or drain, repairing the leaks is an important step to prevent tree roots from growing around the pipes in the future. A Brisbane Plumber is needed in this process to ensure no further damage is caused to the pipes and that leaks are properly sealed. To see the full range of technology we use at The Brisbane Plumbers click here.

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Tips to prevent Brisbane Plumbing tree root damage

Tree root damage can be prevented through a variety of different steps. Firstly, when placing garden beds ensure they are not close to the piping. Certain plant species such as Mountain ash and Himalayan birch should be considered as their roots are less likely to infiltrate pipes. Secondly, try to ensure your piping is as far away from neighbouring properties as possible. Neighbours may also avoid planting large trees near the fence if made aware of your underground pipes. This is something that can be difficult to discuss. Refer to the Neighbourhood Disputes Act for any legal advice. 

As a group of local plumbing specialists, we understand that Brisbane properties are generally smaller, making the neighbours’ plants more likely to infiltrate your pipes. In these circumstances watching the ground around the piping for any unusual moisture (such as a puddle when no rain has occurred) is vital. 

When these symptoms are occurring, ensure you call The Brisbane Plumbers to repair the leak before further damage is caused. We ensure our customers are entirely satisfied with our service through stringent training, certification and competitive pricing. 24-hour service is also available for Brisbane plumbing emergencies. As plumbing professionals in Brisbane, we are there for you when you are experiencing any problem. We know the frustration it can cause and are here to help.