We frequently hear the question, “do I need a plumber for…?” So if you want to know what you do and don’t need a plumber for in Queensland this post is for you. 

Do You Need A Plumber To Install A Toilet?

Yes, in Brisbane (Queensland in general) it is illegal to DIY your toilet install. Toilet installation falls under the notifiable work category in the Plumbing Laws. To use their exact words, “installing additional fixtures, such as toilets, showers and sinks” need to be handled by a licensed professional.

This law was introduced to keep you safe and prevent you from going broke. As soon as you start dealing with pipes, water and heavy toilets it is highly likely something will go wrong. Chances are if you make a mistake it will be a big one! The most common mistake people make is making the toilet watertight. Can you see the problem?

A leaky toilet can damage your house. The cost of then fixing the damage will be far higher than simply getting it done professionally from the start. A tight budget only gives you more reason to get a professional Brisbane plumber over trying to DIY.

Do You Need A Plumber To Change Taps?

Slide2The answer is, it depends. The Queensland Government have outlined what you can legally DIY which you can see below

Generally, any work where you’re directly interacting with the installation of the drinking water system or the sewer line requires a licensed plumber.

Do You Need A Licensed Plumber To Install A Water Heater?

Definitely! It is highly dangerous and illegal to replace a water heater yourself.

If you are installing a gas hot water system or a solar hot water system with a gas booster, then you will need a qualified plumber. Before investing in a water heater you are better off talking to a licensed plumber, such as The Brisbane Plumbers, to see what system is best for your house. If you have access to gas at your home this may be the best option but it is a good idea to talk to your local plumber for any advice. 

Another reason to get a licensed plumber is to maintain the warranty. Most manufacturers won’t cover the warranty terms if your hot water system isn’t installed by a professional plumber. Some products even require the installer to be accredited with them. If you talk to your local plumber they will let you know what systems they are accredited to install. As we are accredited with all different types of hot water systems we have direct access to the supplier. So if you want a new hot water system we can supply, organise and recommend the best option that will be cost-effective for you. 

Do You Need A Plumber To Clean Drains?

For the most part. The Queensland Government announced that you can clean or maintain ground-level grates to traps on sanitary drains. 

Anything that doesn’t classify as ground-level sanitary drains must be handled by a licensed plumbing professional.

If you have any questions about what plumbing you can and can’t DIY refer back to this article on the Queensland Government website. It has a list of everything you can and can’t DIY. 

Do You Need A Brisbane Plumber?

If you are in Brisbane or the surrounding suburbs call The Brisbane Plumbers. We are Brisbane’s leading emergency plumber. Our team here at The Brisbane Plumbers are all licensed, professionals who keep your best interest in mind. We also work on an upfront fixed pricing basis so you don’t have to worry about getting a surprise bill at the end of the work. 

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