At The Brisbane Plumbers we strive to offer you the very best in drain repairs, replacements and relines (no dig repairs). Were experts in the area and will give you an honest evaluation of your drains and the best solutions to suit your needs. Whether it’s best to routinely clear your sewer drain, dig up and repair or reline your drain we can give you all the information so you can make an informed decision to resolve you drainage issue and put your mind at ease.

By carrying out an initial CCTV camera inspection we are able to discover the nature of the fault, allowing us to provide an accurate and competitive quote for any necessary repairs and offering a quick and efficient resolution.

Dig up and repair:

The Brisbane Plumbers are experts in replacing cracked, broken or collapsed pipes. We pride ourselves on doing the job right the first time by ensuring all standards are adhered to and abided by. We use council approved repair couplings and surround the new drain in drainage gravel as required by the Australian Standards. Prior to any excavation a Dial Before You Dig report is obtained to identify and locate any services that may be in the path or excavation. This ensures there are no disruptions to you water, stormwater, sewer, gas, power and telephone services. Have peace of mind knowing that your drainage issues are resolved once and for all.

Reline / No dig repair :

In some situations your drain may not be accessible or feasible for a dig up and repair, it could be underneath a concrete slab, nearby the buildings structural footings, be too deep for excavation or in an area that is inaccessible. Or you may simply not want your lawn to be dug up. Having the ability to reline the drain causes minimal disruption to your property. Earthenware (clay pipe), cast iron and PVC drains can all be relined and repaired

Our drain services cover all of Brisbane and include: unblocking and clearing blocked drains, drain repairs, drain maintenance, drain relining. No matter what your issue is The Brisbane Plumbers is here to help 24/7, call us today 0450 932 850.

Drain Repairs