A bathroom renovation may increase the functionality and aesthetic of your house. Whether an upgrade to your existing bathroom design or a total refurbishment, it’s hard to know if you need a plumber or a builder.

Almost every comprehensive bathroom renovation will need the use of a certified plumber. That being said, you need both a builder and a plumber to complete the work. In some cases, you may also need a plumber who specialises in sealing. For bathroom renovations, it’s important to have a builder oversee all of the major renovation components but also to employ the services of a skilled plumber to make sure the pipes are all up to the QBCC code.

The Brisbane Plumbers team of QBCC licensed and skilled plumbers can offer expert advice and manage all of your bathrooms remodel plumbing needs, including:


Many older homes’ plumbing is now obsolete, giving a bathroom remodel the ideal chance to not only enhance the aesthetic of a bathroom but also it’s functioning. Drainpipes are a frequent component that is replaced when a bathroom is renovated. Replacing drainpipes can assist prevent them from becoming clogged and can enhance the drainage quality in your new bathroom.


When remodelling a bathroom, a bathtub is a popular feature. A bathtub may raise the value of your property while also providing a relaxing and unwinding environment after a hard day. There is more to constructing a bathtub than meets the eye; it is a sophisticated operation best left to specialists. Accessing the plumbing, attaching the drains, connecting water lines, and installing tapware are all part of the installation process.

Basins and faucets

New basins and tapware may offer your new bathroom a fresh appearance and feel when upgrading. Professional plumbers have the necessary tools and equipment, as well as extensive knowledge in all aspects of plumbing, to instal basins and tapware. Do you believe you can complete this task on your own? This is not true. Get some piece of mind that your plumbing fixtures and fittings are properly fitted and avoid ugly and costly damage.

Toilet Relocation or Installation

Many bathroom renovations include the installation of a toilet or the relocation of an existing toilet to accommodate the new design. The underlying plumbing in your home influences how much work is done when moving or installing a toilet, with considerable re-piping required in some cases. Another compelling reason to replace your older toilet when remodelling your bathroom is to contribute to water conservation since many modern toilets include dual flush and water-saving features.

Do I need council approval for a bathroom renovation?

The short answer is yes. Typically a bathroom renovation will require a building permit. Depending on where you live, you may need to obtain a permission before beginning a renovation. As previously stated, small alterations may not need a permit, but major structural changes will necessitate one. Improvements to drainage, plumbing, electricity, and gas are among the important changes.

The permissions required vary depending on the sort of remodelling, so you’ll need to contact the local council with your ideas to find out what they require. In Queensland and in Brisbane we always recommend that you check with your local council before undertaking any major renovation to your home, including a bathroom remodel or adding a new bathroom underneath your house.

Need help?

If you’re looking for someone to help you get the job done right then make sure to reach out to the Brisbane Plumbers. If you have any toilet issues or would like to get your hot water installed so you can start having showers in your new home then give us a call.