After our last post about Tankless Hot Water Heaters, I’ve had quite a few questions about all the different systems, especially about a Solar Hot Water Heater. Check out some of the most commonly asked questions that I get about Solar Hot Water systems below.

Solar Hot Water Heater

If you’re updating your present water heater or storage tank hot water, you might be considering setting up a solar water heater. You might be shocked to discover that solar power was first discovered in the 1870s. In fact, the very first domestic solar panels were produced in 1973. Solar innovation has actually come a long way since then. It now enables you to offer your family an environmentally friendly source of hot water.

Here are the answers to a couple of frequently asked questions you might have about solar-powered water heaters and solar collectors.

What Are the Benefits of a Solar Hot Water Heater?

Before purchasing a solar water heater system, chances are you’re questioning if the possible advantages deserve the installation cost. Here are just a few of the many benefits of picking a solar hot water heater:

Lower energy expenses. The installation expense will be rapidly recovered because of the drastic reduction in energy costs, now relying on your solar panels for energy. Even during a harsh winter, you will save money on water heating.

Reduction in Use of Fossil Fuels. Solar energy efficiency is tidy and free. This will allow you to reduce your electrical energy and fossil fuel consumption. This is a remarkable way to assist in your impact on nature.

Smart financial investment. The addition of solar energy is attractive to potential buyers. It can also increase the worth of your house if you’re preparing to sell your home in the future.

The typical solar water heater will last longer than the majority of gas and electrical heating systems. In addition, when you utilise a solar heating unit in conjunction with a gas and electric water heater, the solar heating system will help reduce the strain on the standard designs. This will assist in increasing their lifespan.

Will A Solar Water Heater Change My Gas or Electric Model?

Photovoltaic panels rely on sunlight to run, so the system can not replace your gas or electrical design. However, even if you need to maintain your gas or electric water heater, you can still enjoy all the benefits of solar energy.

Even on overcast days, the photovoltaic panels are still striving to gather energy to supplement your traditional hot water heater.

Will the Brisbane Weather Damage My Solar Hot Water Heater System?

Don’t fret about your solar panels during the winter or wet season. Residential solar panels are strong and built to endure the weight of heavy rainfall.

You can support your solar system with an electric or gas booster for those famously rainy Brisbane storm seasons.

Will Hard Water Damage My Solar Water Panels?

An estimated 90 per cent of homes include hard water. If you are among this majority, you may assume that the calcium and limescale accumulation associated with tough water will make it difficult for you to take pleasure in the advantages of solar energy. If you have difficult water, you can still set up a solar water heating system. Having the system professionally flushed and inspected at least twice a year is the simplest way for you to secure your system from limescale buildup.

If you’re considering upgrading to a solar water heater, you will likely have a number of concerns about this ingenious system. If you have any more concerns or desire to take benefit of these systems reach out to us for a quick quote and let us help you pick the right system for you.