What Does A Gas Fitter Do?

Brisbane gas fitters can install, inspect, repair and maintain gas lines and gas appliances. You likely use gas around your home, whether that be for cooking or heating. For this reason, getting a Brisbane gas fitter to connect a gas line is essential for your family’s comfort.

In Brisbane, any LPG and/or natural gas work needs to be completed by a licensed Brisbane gas fitter. If you don’t use a Brisbane gas fitter, you will also lose your product warranty. Even worse, gas is a highly flammable substance that you do not want to leak in or around the house. Since all gas installation and repair services are dangerous, getting a licensed Brisbane gas fitter is even more important.

At The Brisbane Plumbers, we are licensed Brisbane gas fitters and plumbers capable of completing your job to the highest quality.

Things To Know About our Brisbane Gas Fitters

Our Brisbane gas fitters install, inspect, repair and maintain gas lines and appliances on a daily basis. Hiring a Brisbane gas fitter:

Gas Installation

All gas installations must be completed by a licensed Brisbane gas fitter. This ensures that there are no gas leaks and that the size of your gas line is large enough to accommodate all your gas appliances and systems. If you are not connected to the Brisbane main gas line, we at The Brisbane Plumbers can run the gas pipes you need, including connections to the mainline as well as to your LPG tanks if needed.

Gas Bayonet Installation

Gas bayonet installations are frequently seen by our Brisbane Gas Fitters. Our Brisbane Gas Fitters can install gas bayonets in your ventilated walls and floors to suit your needs. Your Brisbane gas fitter will also ensure that all rooms that have a gas bayonet installed meet the legal requirements for ventilation.

Gas Appliance Installation & Repair

If you have a faulty appliance it will emit carbon monoxide, a gas that is harmful to our health. These gas molecules may then mix with dust and debris to catch fire. For these reasons, we recommend that your gas appliances are inspected and serviced every two years. This varies slightly between appliances so check the manual for more specific details. Signs that indicate your gas appliance needs repair include a yellow or red flame, pilot lights that frequently go out, a rotten egg-like smell and soot around your gas appliance.

Gas Pipeline Replacement

Two of the most common reasons to replace a pipeline seen by a Brisbane gas fitter include the ageing and bursting of your pipeline. There are also some naturally occurring reasons Brisbane Gas Fitters see such as a large movement of the earth. Pipelines may also corrode when exposed to water, enhancing wear and tear and leading to long term leaks and possible pipe bursts.
Gas Plumber

At The Brisbane Plumbers, we offer a full range of gas plumbing services including installation, maintenance and repair. We have a team of licensed Brisbane gas fitters who can handle your gas plumbing needs including gas pipeline installations, disconnections and safe removals as well as any gas appliance jobs.

Do You Need A Reliable Brisbane Gas Fitter?

If you need to install, inspect, repair or maintain gas lines or gas appliances ensure you call The Brisbane Plumbers today. We ensure your satisfaction through stringent training, certification and competitive pricing. As Brisbane gas fitting professionals, we are there for you when you are experiencing any problem. We know the frustration it can cause and are here to help.  Call The Brisbane Plumbers now on 0450 932 850.