To immediately answer the question, having no hot water is considered an emergency fixing by the Residential Tenancies Agreement (RTA).

It would be reasonable to expect a hold-up of approximately One to two days to have your hot water system fixed.

We advise that you contact your building supervisor by phone & follow up with an e-mail for verification in composing. This e-mail will be very important if you do not have the issue fixed swiftly. And you’ll want to get your problem solved swiftly if you have no hot water.

What Is Required & Who Is Responsible?

Under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985, you have the right to expect your landlord to perform fixings in an ‘affordable time’. If it’s an emergency repair as you have actually got no hot water, your property owner needs to fix this in one to two days.

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As having no hot water is identified an emergency repair, your advised real estate plumbing is permitted access to your home for an emergency fixing without an entry notice.

If your hot water system is set up inside the residence or garage, the plumbing technician will certainly require accessibility, which will imply you may need to be residence when they get here or accredit them to grab a key from the agent.

If your warm water system is outdoors, however behind a secured gateway or you have a pet in the yard, eviction will require to be unlocked & pet safeguarded so the plumber can access the area without blockage.

Not having the location easily accessible will create a hold-up of having your warm water fixed and you might end up having no hot water for a while.

What if the hot water system requires to be replaced?

Sometimes a plumber will come up to identify to cause of having no hot water but occasionally your hot water system is the cause. If your hot water system can not be repaired & requires to be changed, the cost is likely to surpass the 2 weeks rental quantity which can obstruct the authority for prompt substitute.

Your plumbing will require to send a quote with the owner might ask for more than 1 quote postponing the replacement procedure up to a couple of days.

There might be additional hold-ups if your property manager does not live locally or is on vacation. Some representatives are unable to decide on a huge product purchase without the proprietor’s authority.

If you have no hot water, and also your hot water system needs to be changed, it may take approx. 2-4 days for this to occur.

As a tenant, you can live in a risk-free, safe and secure & fairly setting that is managed in accordance with Australian Law.

You also have the obligation to take excellent treatment of the home, pay the rent promptly & follow the regards to your occupancy agreement.

It is the proprietor’s duty to preserve the home to a risk-free as well as liveable problem, and there are guidelines for exactly how immediate and also non-immediate repair services are executed.

If you lag in your rental fee or have not taken care of the residence, you might have added difficulties to conquer.

RTA – Classification of Emergency Repair Services

The renter should speak to the residential or commercial property manager/owner or the nominated repairer (listed on the occupancy agreement) concerning the problem. It is an excellent suggestion to put the demand on creating evidence of notification.

If they can not be spoken to, the renter can arrange for a certified person to accomplish emergency repair services to an optimum value of 2 weeks lease.

Emergency repair services are:

All other repair works are considered regular repair services. See the RTA list for more details.

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